* what's your goto build you play that's the funnest? 😋

I’ve noticed this also. Most of my builds are 10k, I am more likely to play against 14k builds than 10k. Doesn’t matter, I still shoot the same.

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On PC, the X899 trick still works pretty well, but it’s by no means fool-proof. I often get several matches in a row where I’m the top-dog, but then it breaks & goes to me being dropped in a match with people multiple thousands higher than myself. :man_shrugging:

Then, there are the builds that always get the MM ugly stick…

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Well this happens a lot now, even solo. Running under 9k will grab these lobbies all the time, this may look cherry picked but it was genuinely my latest <9k scoreboard screenshot in the folder.

Then if I play 12k I get this:

It seems like running under 10k is now more efficient than running under 9k… the limit of what 9k would grab seems to be what 10k now grabs, on Xbox at least.

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Lances or Fortunes, all power scores.

Not cherry picked at all… way back, I mentioned that kind of PS spread, and certain folks on here insinuated I was lying. So, I shared some screenshots of examples even worse than what you have & the insinuations stopped.

There are tricks to get the MM bullying to stop - if you want it to stop, but they’re not guarantees.

One is to just return to garage the second the lobby timer starts. That’ll generally give you a new group of players to play against.

The other is to just switch to a completely different build.

I’m convinced the game tracks your performance in certain builds & the MM goes all nutzo if you’re successful with one. That actually makes sense, so I don’t really mind.

I can handle 1 -2k PS spreads, but when you’re getting hit with 3 to 5k, that’s just helpless & hopeless unless you’re already seal-clubbing.

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Can’t say that I have ever gotten stuck on invisible decor with them. Most of the stuff I use to get stuck on or in they’ve fixed and were very visible lol i.e trees, posts, inside of boats… So now it’s pretty much safe to drive it fairly recklessly like a graceful madhamster.


Don’t you mean a Dirty Graceful Mad Hamster?

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most recent from last couple times I was able to play. Fun they were!


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At 10k I often get in matches with 14k, sporadically 18k…

Especially if I leave the lobby the MM seems to just slam you into the first slot available.

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