What's your weakness?

When playing crossout what habit or action usually works against you but you still do at times regardless.

My weakness is that i am always gung-ho to charge in first as fast as i can at the beginning of the battle.

I’m running a support build 99% of the time so my eagerness to get in there and kill something gets me damaged or killed a lot faster when i do. I have to tame myself down with my build to be most effective.

What’s your weakness?

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My weakness is I can’t afford the $30,000 weaponry. Other than that, my weakness is I like to design cars that are a balance of function and looks. The stronger players seem to favor armor over appearance, and I know that’s a smart idea, but what attracted me to the game was the ability to design some nice-looking stuff, so I probably won’t change.


I guess my biggest weakness is that I hate ugly meta set ups. I like prettier rides at all costs. I do try to blend spaced armour with artistic beauty though.

My other weakness is not my fault. It’s my super busted controller. Every month I tell myself I’ll get a new controller. Then I’m like, “screw it. Good enough.”. I play mainly strafeing parts only anyways so my playstyle itself helps me deal with all the ways my controller is busted. Aside from how my aim toggle keeps dragging my ret to the left and moves real jerky. For that I have to blow in to the toggle like it gave me five dollars in a back alley. I’m no working boy, so I almost never even bother to do that.


I’d agree with you there… I hate having to hide and cover weapons too.


This is one of the reasons I like mastadon and kaiju with averter. I can keep them out in the open more without worry.

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I have the same one as you Dagobah, especially with my firedog lol (or any fast build for that tmatter).
I do also love good looking builds over ugly metas as well and try to hybrid both as much as possible, always did.

My other big weakness is the urge to quick sell at loss to buy something else.
After nearly 4 years in the game I don’t really do it as much anymore but I’ve done it alot especially in the early times since I mainly did it to test out different weapons and combos, (was way more impatient back then) like if there was a sandbox mode to try weapons I would of probably never had that issue.


I also tend to tunnel vision quite easily as well as having issues choosing what target/timing when sneaking up to a foe.


Since I started playing an antidog super heavy brick in CW, I caught myself intentionally bodyblocking lancers in PvP with builds that are really not meant for it :joy:

I should really look at randoms’ builds before going to fight. So many times I’m like “wtf am I 1v6” and then I spend 3 mins watching a useless hurricane and his fuze drone friend do nothing. Like yeah, you could have warned me we were down two players, XO.

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I like to harden up the sides of my builds to guard against flanking. I use to get tunnel vision often too…

  • tunnel vision when using scopes
  • building for looks instead of durability
  • getting bored of builds as soon as they start performing well.
  • rushing in, thinking that my team is still coming with me
  • not realizing that my surviving teammates have all been degunned/dewheeled, and wondering why I’m fighting on my own.
  • driving faster than I can effectively control. Drifting is fun, until you hit a wall.

I’ve wasted about 80k quickselling because I was like f it. I’ll make it back in market flips.

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Try to only scope in right before you take a shot, and then scope out. I mean I suppose the weapon type is a huge factor. It’s pretty easy to get tunnel vision with a whirlwind, your constantly firing. But for kaiju or canons quick scoping works like a drea…

My strongest weakness is schitposting on political threads, and telling trolls to straight up F-Off instead of just tuning it out like I should when they swoop and poop.

I also have a soft spot for art builds and don’t min-max for wins. I need a rig that’s fun to look at and fun to ride too. I like winning, of course, but I’m not willing to do a hideous META monster in order to get one. I don’t feel like I need to either. I’d rather not play if that’s the way it has to be done.


Logging in to play XO !


Crossout: It’s not a game. It’s a virus.

The current META has given me the strength I needed to resist it for a couple weeks, though. Now they’ve improved the Price Corridors (so they say) and now I feel obligated to check it out. So, I guess I’ll take it for a spin.

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I think it’s only for decors and paints though.

Ya, but that’s what I’m in to. I’m all about the paints.
So, it seemed like it might be a good thing to check out…

…not so much, though. It looks pretty messed up to me.

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Maybe they havnt updated it yet? Idk.

My biggest weakness is being unable to stop playing this game even though it constantly annoys the crap out of me lol.

Crossout for life!


this right here… I do the knights brawl and I literally have to step away and go calm down… since the idea of teams is apparently lost on my side in 99% of matches… along with helping out…stayiing together…looking at minimap…basically everything horrible about an online game…lol