Wheel Bug?

It seems to involve both the Stallion and Camber wheels.

They are fine together, but when you try to mount any other wheel (or tracks) with them…

…they act like you were trying to mount legs or hovers with them.

You’ll notice my Tonnage indicator seems bugged by it too.


the cambers and stallions are “low”, every other wheel is “medium”

hovers and legs are “high”

cambers and stallions aren’t bugged, they work as intended

rotate the camera to see the height of the wheels…
looks like the front wheels are lower and raised up the other wheels.
use it in a few matches,u might of discovered a the new thing. :crazy_face:

My Storm Chaser is working fine

But let me try…

To me that’s a bug, if i try the camber wheel, the outcome is the same as you, but

even studded wheel works fine

It was probably just an optical illusion.

In fact the bug seems like it’s all optics, and there is no functional bug at all. It simply displays the wheels with the hydraulic feature (Camber and Stallion) in orange when you install any other wheel or track, as if you had installed legs or hovers rather than a standard wheel, but in use there is no functional bug, only the nonsensical orange warning of mismatched movement parts (high vs low).

It’s a bug, but only a graphical one in build mode that has no functional consequences in the field.

have you read the patch notes?

hermit and bigfoot are medium wheels

tonnage is recalculated when the wheels touch the ground, tracks have really good tonnage and you’re installing wheels of a similar height, install bigfoots and cambers and you’ll see

Ya, apparently it’s not a bug. It’s a feature. LockmahnYT is right, it’s in the update announcement.

Stallions, Cambers, and Low Clearance Wheels are in a class of their own. Why Landing Gear, Buggy wheels, and Studded Wheels aren’t on that list with them, IDK.