Wheel drone/ turret module idea: Flambeed Booster

The Flambeed booster is a epic tier Genesis module with a twist, on each of its 4 main sides is a set of pins any wheel drones, or turrets connected to these gain a boost.


Perk: connected drones, Gain a heat effect. Fuzes and missile turrets leave fire pools, normal turrets, sidekicks, and grenadiers heat parts for 5% bonus damage and heating.

other: grants +1 drone ammo.

Note: doesn’t work on flying drones, or launched drones. Does work on king and kapkan mines though even though on one of those it does nothing.


no thanks. we have to many weapons that heat parts as is. we dont need drones doing that to.
also if fuzes left a fire puddle it would just be a clone of a porc on wheels. no thanks to that.

also “works on kapkans and mines” … so what we will have kapkans heating our vehicles and landmines exploding into napalm to?
nooooooo thanks. :unamused:


But the ammo of fuzes is 4 how much ammo does porcupine have? how much dmg do porcs do?.. exactly not any chance of being the same nor near to a porcupine, in fact fuzes are probably one of the worst weapon in crossout in terms of cost/damage/efficiency


the ammo can be increased you know.

porcs are one of the most damaging weapons in the game in terms of raw power. fuzes can be strong to but you need to know how to use them effectively. porcs are… for lack of better term… a face huggers choice of weapon. i have 2 porcs and i run them the way they are meant to be run, as support. fuzes you gotta be more sneaky.

only because of the nerf that happened to all drones. once that hit the effectiveness of them dropped hard. i used to run them in 10k ps and they did very well. i got many kills with them and crippled tons more. they nerfed the explosion radius and damage and that made the drones pretty much useless. before that though they were still really good.

i really loved fuze drones. ran them on a harpy cab, had about 16 ammo per drone, 3 drones on my build with a doppler and cheetah. that thing was frail as wet cardboard but it packed a hell of a punch if ran properly. haha i spanked many brick builds to. just watched huge chunks of their armor fall off every time my drones went boom on them. fuzes need to be buffed again back to what they were before they got nerfed.

I`m a pretty known fuze player myself in fact fuzes are my main build, so i have to agree, despite being nerfed to death, despite being a slow, erratic, low dmg weapon, i love playing drones i really like this kind of cloak and dagger /support playstyle, but the fact is that each fuze cost 1100 ps with only 4 ammo per “box”, taking dps and overall damage in consideration fuzes need to be way less expensive on ps, add more ammo or be faster, anything but this weapon needs a rework for sure, if i didn’t know how to drive well at high speeds that fuze build i made would be just non viable

hellz yeah! fuzes are fun to run. its just a shame they arent what they were.

i think adding more ammo would benefit the weapon. 4 ammo is quite low for them even if they are a suicide drone. i would personally buff them to 6 ammo or 7 ammo. the microfactories give a 25% boost which isnt really alot considering 4 ammo only gives 1 axtra ammo with a single microfactory.

honestly id love to see a legendary fuze drone but instead of exploding normally it explodes like a mini nuke. mushroom cloud and dealing alot of damage. well… as much damage as a tiny fuze can haha. i just love drones, i find it kinda adorable having little rc cars running beside you helping you fight.

i had a idea for a special type of drone called a recharge drone. where you drop it and it runs around attacking enemies, then itll run out of power after a certain time, you can then pick it up and recharge it, which takes less time then destroying it and letting it reload, then send it out again to help you.

they need to balance drones again. not make them as broken as grenadiers and annihilators were. they need to buff the drones that are not grenadiers and annihilators again. make them to what they were before they got nerfed.

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