Hello. Saw this on xbox fb page. This would be a kewl addition to the game. A hover that can go wheel mode and vice versa. Now before i begin. Yes many think hovers are OP af. So I wouldnt suggest that these be as fast as their pure hover counterpart.

Id suggest while in wheel mode they have no speed limit like normal wheels. But in hover mode max them out at 65kph buuut give them high acceleration to give them a purpose as a hover hunter unit. Could be broken. Could be weak. Id think theyd be a fun addition. How about yall?


I like it

Iiiii don’t know… That would be a hard AF part to balance. It would be cool though. It would have to move more like 45km in hover mode I think. Or at least in that 45-55km range. Wheel mode id say kap it at 90km and let us drive backwards at that speed.

Also I’m trying to think how they would be mounted. And what would happen if you activate from hover mode in to wheel mode when someone is right under your frames.