Wheels & tracks update = fail

wheels & tracks used to be fun… after update total trash not fun…


I agree. Everything just feels sloppy now. I hate the new arbitrary dumb camera angle. And it’s worse with the sloppy handling.

I have 6 Triangle tracks and 2 Omnis on my build.


Mixing omniwheels and tracks doesn’t seem like a good mix anymore, especially if you are using the new controls.
On the bright side, it seems like mixes of wheels and tracks are working better.
Maybe try mixing omniwheels and augers?

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Just play Omnis, you get tracks that strafe, go fast af, and are currently OP if you still own the 5 left hand fingers you started life with. I had tons of fun in CW Tuesday with the shittiest unfused Snowfall Harpy rig on 4 Omnis I could make lol. Def a trash build, totally carried by broken movement (I think my mates had a bit too much beer for dinner tho, we got obliterated despite my valiant strafing efforts)


I swapped the Omnis for Small tracks. Better. But it still feels sloppy.

I feel like you did it the wrong way. Swap STs for Omnis and have fun (^:. they turn 3/4 times faster on the spot too.

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I was playing around with an omniwheel/deadman/avalanche build last night for cannon day, and oh my god they are crazy now.
Once you get used to the new controls, they can do insane maneuvers now at high speed.

If there wasn’t such a steep learning curve with them I would say they are OP now. We’ll see what the wasteland looks like in a month. If enough skilled players pick them up, they may actually need a nerf.

Combining strafing and rotating allows for so much control, and that insane grip lets you do things that no other movement part can.

I still need to spend some time with Augers to see what I can do with them. Might revisit some heavy quad auger builds, and see if the diagonal buff allows me to overcome the low speed.

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Sound alike you had a great CW session then :slight_smile:

Hopefully you guys where laughing and having fun!

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Don’t worry, give it a few months and all of you will forget about this update and complain about the next one, that’s how it goes! :rofl: :clown_face: :joy:


I hate to complain - I know how difficult game development is. But since the update I feel mostly frustrated with driving and general driving behaviour. I feel much more confused on the battleground, explosions are too blinding and with all my melee builds I can’t basically hit anyone. If I miss hitting someone - before I make a turn I’m basically dead. I was talking to my good friend and he said he has the same issue trying to use melee builds. Devs, you did some hard work and I truly appreciate it but please at least fix the steering precision. I like the graphics but driving just somehow sucks.


Rebuild and pay close attention to your mass distribution.
If your car is too heavy in the back or front it will mess with your handling (as it should).
Also, experiment with placement of ST and non-ST wheels. You can compensate for a heavy front or rear with wheel placement.
Also, use your handbrake more (if you’re not already).
With a dialed-in car design and good use of handbrake, the handling of fast cars is better then before. But if anything is off, you will not have a good time.

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You know people. Some have fun even when they lose, some sulk even when they win. Most of us are happy as long as someone gets slammed into a wall at high speed, or ends up on the roof. And we saw at least two hovers on their roofs, so you can imagine our joy. :rofl:

Lots of new builds were tried, few were adequate. This is what makes CW spicy, and somehow the uk servers seem to not fail every other match so that’s a plus…

We also saw the goofiest hover setups, it’s funny to see people try things in CW for once.

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The current omnis were the old augers plus top speed with less accel. Now you understand the magic of the old augers, which they regained a lot of with this update. The only thing with Omnis is they cannot dance out of kapkans.

I remember the old augers, but they always felt too unstable to me on dual auger builds, but quad builds didn’t work properly.
I wasn’t a fan of the constant rocking when changing directions.

Anyway, it’s the insane speed, grip, and stability of the new Omniwheels that I love, which is something augers never had.

How are you feeling about augers since the update? I haven’t had a chance to experiment yet.

They are better and tighter turning when I have speed up, but they are still a shadow of what they were when running 2. They were also performing a lot better because the fast wheeled builds actually had some difficulty in W keying me while I was moving. Seems like Targem already caved to the wheeled player complaints. Back to easy dogging for W meta.