When an evil comes for good

It’s an expression from my country that i translated word by word into English, and it has, roughly, the same meaning as :

A blessing in disguise or every cloud has a silver lining

other expression is…
What can’t be fixed, it’s already fixed. Which has, roughly the same meaning as What can’t be cured, must be endured.

Apparently, i can’t build a Thor gen, because i have no way to build Guardians Mg’s (at least i didn’t find the faction who makes them) …well i have, but i don’t want to waste my workpieces in building a Thor gen, i want a to build a build with them.
Limited angle weapons… i like them.
So, at least, i’m relieved.
After many months of building to sell, i finally can “jump” this must have and start to build for me in the short term right away.
i still have 40 days to make a Thor, but if that doesn’t happens i will buy it in a distant future when i sell all that i will build this patch (i still have up to 50 possible parts to go.)

Including pack items into the crafting it’s not that bad of an idea.
It’s great to relieve pressure of “having” to craft items that we don’t want just to obtain another.
That means i have the luxury of resuming what’ve been doing along this time after a short break that i will do to to craft for myself…finally.


Ignoring where the game tries to steer you, and playing the game for yourself - for fun - is liberating.


I would concentrate on getting that Thor m8. If you paid for the BP that is the prize item for real.
All the rest doesn’t matter if you don’t have a 4 energy generator.
It’s optional though if you already have an apollo.

As for using pack parts to craft, we also have a saying in my country, it goes like this:

A fool and his money are soon parted.

FWIW, I tested out replacing my Apollo with the Thor on my heavies I have in regular rotation.

At first, the generator was the only change, and I didn’t notice any drop in how durable the build was. Granted, I had the Apollo fairly well armored up, so the Thor just dropped into that already armored up space.

Since then, I’ve beefed up the armor in all those builds using up the mass saved except for one that is built more for speed.

FWIW & all that.

i dropped it right into my nothung hover build. and added two bonnets. And still have better acceleration.

I don’t seem to blow up any more often. (yes I blow up alot in the build either way).

I just havent sat down and played the new heavy with both yet (cuz i been playing about halftime on PC)

Either way you really want one or the other and already paying for the BP, that would be the way to get one if you need one.

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I didn’t payed for the BP, If i would payed the prize would be the fused Thor.
Yes, i have an Apollo for a year or so, and only used it in the Radiance operation.
Outside of that i only have one build with it.
For a while now, i’ve been using the same things over and over again, Thor i can get it later, right now there are things much more appealing to me.
And since i already have a nice base line ready to sell. I can dedicate some resources for me.
Pack items were a nice excuse, a form to save me off the hook

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I had already paid for it when radiance happened. (see a fool and his money)

I think the best way is to make a plan and stick to it. I say that but also admit I go through stages of buying/selling and crafting and sometimes hoarding also (nearly all summer every summer for no reason in particular).

What really matters is if you have fun. All the rest comes with time played.