When are you going to revert the Skinner?

Yes Targem Games, this message is directed to you.

Ever since you made the skinner weapon have a pull in mechanic.
The melee builds have been multiplying like cockroaches.

I use the skinner to climb rocks and AVOID the melee people…

lol, ive seen those builds, they are funny but dont do much to help the team

Um they will revert it never. Skinner is fine.

Its only “fine” now for melee builds who close their eyes and hold W.
If you were around when Skinners were introduced then you would have a alot of laughs of all the builds they inspired…before the lame pull in mechanic that ruined all those builds and made it solely melee focused

King builds still work just the same as they used to with Skinner.

You are Right tenshiijin, Kings are quite good, if you are fighting bots.

So short sighted…

So short worded…