When Comes Finally FullScreen Mode. Not (In Window) ? 🤷‍♂️[PC]

What The Hell ? Why is It Still Not Available ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I Can’t Minimize Game Window and Do AnyThing on Desktop Because Of That :triumph:

Hummm…really? I am on fullscreen window mode… I do run other windows and have no issue to switch between them. there is a thing call “ALT-TAB”… :rofl: :rofl:

Wow… ALT+TAB Brings Nothing Here.

doesn’t work like it did,the game is in fullscreen window…
no way to see desktop anymore…
they have issues with fullsceen… :saluting_face:

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Works for me…always

You Play on Linux Probably :laughing:

Nope…win 11

Not All People Use 2 PC’s or Many Monitors…

yes we can alt tab to get the browser and stuff,but you can’t drag a photo or gif to the desktop because crossout is on the desktop,no way to hide it…

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Your Comment is Like ,SomeOne is Getting BlueScreens and You Laught About It with Comment ,Hahaha My PC is Working Well :rofl:" This Sounds Like That One :joy:

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lol… hummm…only one PC and, I think I know why.

You are most likely only have crossout running, so the ALT+TAB does nothing as there is nothing to switch to. In that case, you should hit window key if you have that on your keyboard. I nearly always have my Google Chrome running. I am playing crossout and looking into here at the same time…now. No need for 2 PC. In fact I have an old PC which I bought last year 2nd hand.

Really? How ? If you think I was have broken the forum rules…do report me! Now that I know your intention here… I know what to do!

Why Should I Do This ? :laughing: I’m The One Who Tolerates Bad Behaviors. But I Can’t Accept SPAM :triumph:

We All Have Chrome in BackGround… But We Want Acces To DESKTOP :pinched_fingers: Directly

On older versions of Windows, hit start so the taskbar shows up. Right click. Hit “show desktop.”

On 11, it’s a little different.

Hit start so the task bar pops up. Select one of the apps from the shortcuts or open one from the Start Menu.
Click into that app.
Hit start again so the task bar pops back up.
On the FAR RIGHT of the task bar, there’s a tiny vertical line. Hover your mouse over that. A “show desktop” pop-up will show up. Hit it.

If it’s not there, you need to go to settings, taskbar settings, taskbar behaviors, then select the bottom option to select the desktop from the corner or whatever it says.

Hope that helps.

BTW, atl-tabbing won’t work while the game is loading unless you select Crossout First, then whatever you want to alt-tab to. This is true for most large programs that take a minute to load.

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Oh, and Start+D is the show desktop keyboard shortcut, too.

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This is Not Working

This is Working :thinking::+1:



I think you’re on an older version of Windows… I don’t have it to test it out, anymore. Glad the 2nd method is working, though. :clinking_glasses:

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thanks roo…this works…Win 10. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i just hit the windows key and my task bar shows over the game , then i click the window i want to view