When do you Mature?

I keep meeting people from 15 years to 50 years age ingame who feel the need to degrade others in chat, telling others how they suck, and are only giving toxic replies when you try to talk to them in private messages.
Is there any hope for humanity left?.

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I don’t bother with these types of people in-game, and I hardly bother with them on this forum, probably for most of them wouldn’t have the courage to behave like this in person, it’s called screen courage or idiocy. I find people who :ox: :poop: in the gen/game chat are the ones who usually have died first/before the 1-minute mark of the match and that’s how they pass time and get their frustrations about themselves out by harping on others like :clown_face: :baby:


They’re everywhere because not everyone matures. Lots of people make it to 70 years old and are still nothing but perverts and assholes. Chalk it up to getting hit in the head hard enough to have a lasting/negative impact. Some people never mature into humans, staying in the realm of being basically an animal that can talk.


‘the whales are the worse’… :face_with_peeking_eye:


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I think it’s proportional to how many times you’ve successfully recovered from trauma or stress, supposing your physical maturity isn’t a factor. Thirty is a dependable age, since more complex beings take longer to mature, and the human mind is very complex.

People can make complex decisions at a very young age, and often do, but the human brain is still developing well into a person’s twenties, and outstanding emotional trauma can disfigure this process significantly.

In a best case scenario, maturity is cultivated through discipline, and in a worst case scenario, it’s forced upon you through abuse, violence or some circumstantial catastrophe.

Failure to endure and overcome results in emotional stagnation, and the subject is typically stalled at the maturity level where they faced the insurmountable.

Arrogance may be the result of a life where a person is never faced with difficulty, or proper discipline.



Well said RustyFord,

You have a deeper understanding of human behaviour,
When i look back at the guy i was 20 years ago who thought he knew everything, i just laugh at his stupidity.
It looks like we are all on this road of becoming more mature, some people taking longer than others.


I think there could be more, or other reasons for arrogance, but the rest of what I stated has some interesting science behind it.

It’s worth considering that arrogance might be a coping strategy for people feeling unloved or irrelevant, even if that’s an illusion.

They are hoping to reassure themselves of their personal value through your reflection of them. That is to say, if they can convince you that they are good, through bragging or strutting, they will have some evidence of their own self worth, which they see as unsure or questionable. They need your reassurance, and will force it from you if necessary, if they can.

IDK. What do you think?


I think you make some good arguements here and i think you should be a psychiatrist, not the drug peddling one but a real one.
As for coping strategy like you say, i think everybody just plays with a mask of testoterone on, and sometimes the mask takes over.

And i believe it is ill advised to compare other people to your own standards, the human psyche ranges from murderous people to those who only want to cuddle.
But a general consesus has been agreed upon from the ancient days, that you should respect your fellow humans and dont be a d!ck.


Biologically the brain isn’t finished developing till around 25yo. So younger than that your dealing with people that might not even be hardware equipped to deal with things. Post that age you get into the bio vs refinement of experience issue.

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Yes after 25 years your real education of your reality starts, good call Dirty_Hamster, when you have a keen mind and know how to view fact from fake you will be ok growing up after that.

Each human is unique and has unique experiences.

I have met 50 year old boys and 20 year old men.

I don’t believe there is any “correct” answer.

Some people are responsible and some are idiots that think “alternative facts” (lies) are something worth your time. You can’t fix stupid at any age. Understand, if 90 is the average IQ… half the population is under that.


Possibly once every two weeks, at least once a month, matures are pretty nice and underappreciated, especially if you find a very good video