When mr Yongwang and miss Emily had babies

They would have grenade revolvers that roll on the ground and damage cars from below, and it would put and end to the huginn lupara meta builds.

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I’d play that gun.

Edit: what are these lupera builds you speak of? I have yet to encounter this

They play around 5k, clubbing seals

That’s like 90% of the builds below 7k PS since a year or so…

You sure we play the same game? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I haven’t played below 7kPS for a while. Queue times too long for me down there.
Any pics of these builds?

Imagine any heavy cab Goblin Auger build ever. Replace Goblins by Luparas/Sledges/Maces buried deep under the build. You havbe the new op build. What’s mostly sucky about it is that you can try to lift them from the side or rear, they’ll still degun you why you have zero chances to hit their weapons lol.

I guess someone finally realized Goblins are giant piece of wet cardboard that fall when people look at them?

Are they also typically on augers or omniwheels (or gerridas)?

Still trying to picture why it would be a strong build. My memory of luperas is that they didn’t have much durability, at least compared to gremlins/goblins.

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Can’t wait for the relic Yongwang and Emily

Yongwang, but with heating!
Emily, but with heating!

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I’m all about that relic Trombone tbh

You can find alot of them in the Exhibition, just type “lupara”

Devs won’t make it
It already has heating so they can’t add the heating effect to it