When stealth got nerf?

i have waiting this a years.
1 energy.
That allow totally rush tactics.
Stealth is allow too usually easy games to high scores too.
It should to check and rethinking this game.
Stealth dogs dominating . Stealty hovers too.
Comments why stealth modules need to nerf.


Use a verifier, also 1 energy, completely negates cloak AND gives you mine detection radius
Also regular radar detectors can negate cloaks in a huge way if you actually look at the minimap for cloaking enemies, simple, theres 4 modules that counter it and 1 that hard counters and removes the cloak from the enemy

and to counter those we have Griffon which is legendary rarity which is fair enough imo


Yeah, the Verifier is great, except that it isn’t. It’s inferior to the Doppler unless you want something to be explicitly anti-Chameleon. Verifier: one energy spent for a chance to fuck over Chameleon builds, specifically. Except if they are using Griffon. Chameleon: one energy spent to fuck over everyone BUT Verifier users. Chameleon should be two energy, not one, right now, it’s a no-brainer for almost every high-end build, way too OP.

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cloak is to counter radar detector as it is… another 1 energy that gives way more information
Using the largest mini map and a detector you can easily spot any cloaking enemy from a distance and prepare

This is purely theory crafting, practice shows that Chemeleon is OP. Every single blatantly OP item and build can be explained away, “Well, ahchualllly it has a counter sooooo…” but it doesn’t change the hard facts: for the effort it takes to use, and for the cost it has in one’s build, the Chameleon MK2 vastly overperforms, which is why it is popular choice for even builds that don’t have stealth or ambushes as central elements to their playstyle.


Despite the fact that this would really hurt my heavy CW builds and make Beholder even more OP, I’m actually all for it. Make invisibility modules 2 energy again and put the old cabin speed and drifting back. Shuffle up the meta a bit by doing so as well.

Me with my verifier and/or detector having 0 issues against cloaked enemies

Developers can nerf beholder cabin too.

The modules that counter cloaks do nothing else important. The cloaks are by far the best module in this game because they do offense and defense. A verifier isnt going to save me when I got AI or missiles locked on me. A verifier is NOT going to allow me to setup a baited ambush on some rush build charging me. No other module is going to allow me to disappear from somebody hunting me while sitting within their line of sight. A cloak does ALL of that for ONE energy.
Its a broken module. It needs to be two energy again.


Even further, Targem needs to double energy costs on radars but make them reward a lot of points for using, so somebody still uses them. These are the biggest reason for using a cloak. I cannot tell you how many times I decloak a guy with tsunamis across the map because I timed his minimap movement with my shots.

You all need to learn how to use a radar detector imo, good luck out there

A cloak only cloaks 1 build. A verifier exposes all cloaked builds. It also allows traps to be set by using the false sense of confidence a cloaked build has.

The majority of my builds don’t have cloak and I have no issue with cloak. It is properly valued at 1 energy

Another factor to consider:

Hovers often use cloak and verifier. If u eliminate, you free up 2 more energy for other items and u make it more difficult to get close to a hover. As a hover hater, this should be reason enough for you to embrace cloaks.

Cloaks just had a nurf a couple of patches ago. Also, many CW builds like spiders dont use them at all just use MG fire to de-cloak - that costs nothing as well. There are ways to counter cloaks as mentioned and i dont see an issue with it at all. Use the map is the best counter.

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Devs need check griffon cabin also. Becausse it acting like stealth and making every AI based things helpless agaisnts them + griffon cabin give team mates same “stealth” effect too!

Should we have somekind module against “manual” weapons too? Like module which making black screen to opponent screen and cost 1 energy. Sure devs can make counter against that, but it cost 1 energy too and working only when you have black screenn effect + you need manually use counter.

Im sure no one who play this game doesnt like thatkind stuff if other gain all advantage and other nothing. Where is pros & cons and how they are balanced?

Back to stealth. AI weapons vs manual weapons happen thatkind issue what i told earlier. If AI weapons and cpu players cant attack to any one if they dont see target, but manual weapons can. There is problem then. Good example is if oppponent shimmering front of you, you cant doing nothing AI based things, buut you can use normally shotguns and etc. Is that so fair? Nope.

Stealth propably needs some distancee to working.
Cpu players supposed to see shimmering enemies if they are near. Same thing supposed to be with AI weapons.

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It doesn’t do all of that, and also to get the perk as a teammate you need to be so close to them it’s barely viable

If Griffon take dot/s away n minimap then it acting like stteath.

Result: AI doesnt attack to them.

Depends on distance there’s a visual range that they can engage a target with even if it doesn’t show on radar.