When to balance these weapons?

buff pulsar,Assembler
neff Arbiter


It’s hard to disagree. I think given its past problems and since Kaiju now fills its old purpose better, Assembler should be made into a more polyvalent weapon. Really wish the uncharged spammy shots weren’t as bad as they are rn. Less reloading time and less base spread would be great.

as an arbiter main, I can say that I agree, the arbiter are strong, as someone who plays with 270 ping during clan wars I would cry if only if one of the only competitive hit scan weapons in the game got nerfed too hard

I think that with the new hover mechanics they could realistically start buffing the Assemblers a little now that three hover sideways double assembler hovers can no longer sealclub with them

Nest needs to be fixed as well, all it needs is just a bit of more aiming ability, even before the camera changes it was a pain to get to lock on or stay locked on a build, now every little bump and whatnot breaks your aim twice as much. Not like it could do much damage to begin with even if it managed to stay locked onto an enemy

Flutes are in a really bad place right now, you can’t maneuver them as much as you used to due to the camera change, most of the time when you try to chase an enemy with the rockets, the back end of your own build coupled with terrain blocks the view and you can’t see anything and end up hitting terrain or missing by a long shot

Avalanche should damage your own build a bit more, maybe then it could be a projectile weapon rather than meelee facehug with extra steps and the most common way to use it would not be facehugging with it

Crickets are a lost cause

Mih thread.