When will Atoms be buffed?

They have a terrible weight to durability ratio. Their acceleration is poor. Their only function is to occasionally be used as armor and even at that, they arent really great.

How would you fix atoms?

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I don’t really have an issue with them but they could recharge faster if I was looking to complain.

What PS builds do you use atoms?

My raid build is around 14k but it uses 8 atoms too.

No offense but couldnt you also use tracks in raids? I dont see anyone using atoms competitively at higher power scores (outside of as armor).

Maybe they can be competitive at low or mid PS? I honestly have no idea. I dont see themvas viable for competitive high PS play.

Dunno but they’re awful. And they’re probably doomed to suck with that perk, unless their stats get tripled or something.


I wouldn’t say they are super competitive but I don’t mind them any more than any of the other movement parts. Like I said I’ve mostly been using them in raids but I’ve pulled the same build into pvp and it’s hit or miss there. It does fair well against melee attackers though.

As far as the perk goes the fields do soak a nice bit of damage and that soak amount recharges when it fails which is something durability on tracks don’t do. So I couldn’t really complain about durability. Unless your trying to use them with stuff that need an accuracy or spread buff I can’t see their perk being much of an issue. Speed isn’t horrible but isn’t great either I can’t really see that changing if they are trying to make them tanky omni-parts. They could give better tonnage, I really wouldn’t mind that.

They are the right size to fit under the new legs and I’ve used them to guard underhung equipment like that. They sit just high enough as not to hit the ground but low enough not to allow for too much clearance underneath.

I noticed with 3 of them they aren’t that stable and 2’s or as singles they are fairly unusable.

Keeping the build on the lighter side does help with them feeling sluggish but that’s just a power drain and tonnage issue. 8 can be run with a heavy cab and a hotred engine. Just kind of have to watch the weight. So maybe power drain could come down a little.

Not really needed unless your trying to run a lot of them on a lighter weight cabin with not much power. I used one when I tried using 8 atoms and 4 legs on a medium cab.

The power-score seems high, compared to Omniwheels. The perk is sort of weak (it has a perk?!).

I’m not sure why everybody thinks everything needs a perk. Size and fit make a difference too, and I wish they’d consider that a “perk.” It’s not without benefits and could be exploited as a development gimmick to make parts more desirable and functional.

The size and fit of Omni wheels make them a little difficult to build with, and the spooky durability is sort of a non-perk, and I ignore it…but I do like generic perks like this. It’s not something I seem to have much control over, and I can’t tell how effective it’s being, and so I don’t give it much consideration. They could buff that and make it more relevant, or observable I suppose.

The power-score sure seems high enough to warrant a buff, or they could peel that off to 300 and it would probably be more sensible.

I don’t really care though. This game has so many outclassed and obsolete parts, I’m not sure Atoms are really that outstanding. When are they going to make the Corvo relevant, for example? Tracks? The Bat, etc?

They can use a buff.