When will console get bipedal mech legs

I really want the devs to add the bipedal mech legs that they added to mobile to console.:rage: idk why they haven’t given them to us. Does anyone have any information about this? I really want to build a lost planet mech

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I’m going to guess that console will get them as soon as PC does :slight_smile: lol

I might be going out in a limb here…

Also the phone game is a different dev team


Darn I guess we won’t get em anytime soon. I can hope though. I wouldn’t even mind if they put them in a pack


They have 3 different biped legs on Mobile.
Common, rare and epic.

They also have a set of common tracks on mobile.

Also I saw that they have a rare version of the power unit.

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I thought more people would reply to this thread. And have questions about the legs.

Since they are already in the mobile version it can’t be hard to add.

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They probably just want to get the animations right… give them time.

Legs just sound dumb to me.

They would be cool :slight_smile: Old Mech Warrior style.

Or old Robotech Style builds

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Funny you mention that… I recently downloaded one of the old MMO-style mechwarrior games I played years ago. It’s devolved into pure P2W trash and barely updated at all. Sad. Those were fun games back in the day.

As for Bi-pedal legs…

How would they compare to the ones we have now? Would they be faster? Taller? More prone to tip? If so, would hovers prevent it? Would we see hover/bi-pedal rigs?

Personally, I just wish we had helicopters back. [ducks for cover]

They already have these legs in Crossout Mobile version.

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I’ve seen that… If they bring them, I hope the execution is better here than there. :man_facepalming:

Be great to see them added into the game I’m a fan of variety:)


Bi-pedal, as in max two? Better have 3500 durability >_<


Maybe they don’t need to be maximum two legs, but rather minimum two legs.
Basically they’d be the tallest movement part, and you could still be stable with only two, but you could use as many as you want.

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Holy cow i didnt know! Thanks for showing!

Durability seems fine, perk seems VERY fine, i did not understand power consumption…Aaaand 40km/h is DOA.
Even with the perk it goes max 48km/h.

The useability of a part in competitive environment right now is stricktly defined on how well it copes with sideways movement, because that is the most effective way you can get cover and control the pace of combat.

Hovers are the standard for all of it.

Wheels can follow and push that movement.

Gerrida can follow quite effectively on most occasions

Omniwheels can follow and even effectively push, but are rendered mediocre by their accelerarion from stop and hills, still they are useable. Their reaction to wedge is also attrocious, if somebody touches you, you hault.

MLs dont need to follow, you put them in groups and they tank the world and 50km is enough to move around.

Bigrams dont have a true place in current meta, they can be used as a supstitude for ML for faster push in wheel mode but that all there is to it.

Augers and tracks are middle grounds that are kinda or very tanky but can neither follow the movement effectively nor push fast enough.

So bipedals IMO could be the frontal push legs, with limited sideways movement but could push 60-75 km for a proper frontal push, pretty much like a T-REX.

Going the slow below 60km would be detrimental since there are already bigrams and ML on the slow spectrum, they wouldnt offer much.

Those two comments reminded me that MechWarrior legs cannot walk sideways. The torso spins, though… It’s one of the hardest things new players dealt with when starting that game.

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Thats the way i would go for it, legs and platform as a unit with the platform rotating, it would be awesome.

But i highly doubt that devs unable to solve the omni wheel random function stop bug will be able to implement this type of legs properly.

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Yeah, give us those Star Wars chicken legs!


THOSE would be believable.

Those are like Mech Warrior legs

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