When Will the Winds Change?

I recognize that body suit…

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I have no idea where it would originally be from. It’s an asset I bought several years ago in a shopping spree. Where do yuo think it might be from?


I think it would be nice and useful if there were some options to turn off some screen UI prompts for recordings for editing like this.

Things like:
Remove dmg numbers
Remove UI overlays: (sub categorized)
Show/Hide mini map
Hide Ally Names
Hide Enemy Names…
I’m sure there’s a few more that I’ve missed.

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i would love to get rid of everything except the crosshairs. also, ALt+Z gets rid of the UI completely. and you can take off player names. i just don’t because i dont record with a plan, i just record as i play and have fun, and then make something from it.

I like going into Adventure mode with no GUI sometimes just for the immersion (sounds fun now in fact). Boosters and some tunes helps too, but I really wish they would expand the map. It’s pretty small.


I’ve had a couple ideas about Adventure Mode. Expanding the map is one of them, like…what if, when one of the seasonal factions rolls through, one of the gates along the edge of the map opens for us to explore during that season. When it ends, it closes, and there’s no telling which gate will open next.

I want periodic events where massive steampunk airships slowly pass overhead, spawning annoying drones, and razing the land from above with fire and brimstone, while their escorts raise hell below dressed in horrible melee. Blow’em up win prizes.

A train heist I think has been mentioned before.

It does have a good circuit if you just want a track to do some quick laps with Boosters, I think, but they could doll it up a lot more, IMO.

They need gas stations, so you can refill your boosters, and maybe have something interesting to spend those forgotten coupons on. Colored ammo? Tinted rocket fuel? Tinted diesel, that makes your stacks blow pink smoke…or bubbles. Yes, I’ve figured it out; I want exhaust pipes that blow bubbles instead of smoke.

They need wasteland novelty shops that sell pointless crap and fuel, and accept Coupons, maybe exclusively.

So I posted this on reddit, earlier had several up votes, and it’s now down voted to 0. So are most of my XO posts. Got the Gatekeepers’ attention it looks like…

GRAVES is the maker if I am identifying it right. Neat to see you making use of multiple platforms to make a video, quite clever.

Graves, the suit maker, yes, it is! great spotting that. I thought maybe you recognized it from a video game it might have been from. my bad.