Where are player count statistics?

I live in Australia. As far as i know Australia PVP is dead so I normal play on NA or EU servers. But even then. I find it incredibly confusing to figure out. Why i can’t match make sometimes, is no one playing on this server right now? Are not many people playing at the PS I’m trying to queue at? Etc
Considering players are split up by both power score and account rank this makes it especially difficult. When looking at answers online you get all sorts of different answers. People saying 1500 PS is easy to march at. Others saying they can’t find a match below 6k, 2-4k has plenty of players. Agh. Useless information. Why can’t their just be a way in game to see how certain PS


The only time you’ll see the AU PVP active, is on a Friday afternoon when a couple of the clan blokes throw a call out in general chat. Sometime between 1800-2000hours EST/1600-1800hours West, and generally 8-10k PS gets you a seat in the game. Sometimes less depending on how many folks are around.

Your other option: join the Awakening AU server- meet some folks at your PS; hassle the high PS blokes: fill your friends lists.

That’ll get you an invite to where they all chat, and the open the door to more invites for small get togethers.

The Seppo server is crap for us; too much packet loss- which it shouldn’t have, but this is the magic snail we are talking about.
EU server- 400-450ms ping- and a lot more stable. Get used to leading vehicles by 3/4-1 car length.
ASIA- managed to get a few rounds- but it I gave that up as a joke.
I’ve endlessly stuck with the EU servers. It sucks, but that’s what we have.

The 10k-14k EU blokes actually want to play, without being full of wannabe MVP’ers.
Under that, too many "clownwarriors " trying to club seals.

My tips- (I get in patrol games within 15-30seconds from 1700-0200hours on any night of the week).
Make a build 6-12k: the higher the better,
Set Region to Europe- and click the RESTRICT TO THIS REGION.
Join a patrol game.
Even raids are <1minutes wait.

Maybe the question you should be asking these blokes is:

If you choose the AU server without a restriction, and after a couple of minutes- why do you get dragged to RU regions for matches: why arent RU players dragged to your AU server

Oh thats right, at 400-500mS latency they can’t win :wink:

Good luck, and don’t forget: Dirty Side Down, mate.

Cheers from Far North QLD,

Thanks for the tips mate. It doesn’t exactly. Fix all my issues but it helps, i normally find a game on eu servers. I get about 280ms ping. Russian servers are closer to 300+ on NA servers i get about 200 so i normally lock myself to NA if i can find a match, else i will fallback to eu. Now that I’m engineer level 30 i can only play with 6k+ builds, and i can no longer match make friends unless they re 6k+ either. I made a new account just so i could play with them.

I’m on playstation in Canada. My wait times are very short. Half the time it’s like ten seconds. It can get to a minute from time to time depending on the time and if it’s a holiday or something. Cw wait times can get higher though.

Hiya - i am NZ player and their is a private discord call Aus Road Warriors. I can get the link if you like as there is usually people on most of the time and you can match make games to suit. Friday now we do about 10,000PS + so good fun. Can get about 20 in discord on Fridays so everyone giving each other shit…lol…

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Sounds good. I doubt i can reach 10k ps for that but I’m happy to find some oceana bois to play with

I’m in the USA, and I wait around 1:30 for a match, on average. It’s always been that way too, unless I play above 7K or 8K. Matches under 4K just don’t happen very often at all anymore. It all changes a little with the wind, but 1:30 isn’t an unusual queue for me. Sometimes better, sometimes worse.

Yeah ps is a huge factor in wait time. Above 10k wait times are nothin.

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This my experience as well. I’m pushing to build a higher ps vehicle Vehicle to be able to matchmake higher up at the moment

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Send me a friend request in game - same as my profile name and i will get you discord link. There are probably a few clans that need players too if you are interested.