Where are the kapkans , yongwangs and flutes in the market?

Well it s all in the title , fellow europeans who are still clueless about what is going on , Russian Youtuber SABOTAGE just made a leak stream of next season pass.
Enjoy your fair game , where everyone has the information at the same time , provided of course you are russian…
(insert various insults as you see fit)

This is the stream, I presume?

Not even an announcement for us. Sad.

Looks interesting. A lot of it seems designed for kids to catch up to the other players, in case they missed previous battle passes, as a lot of it is a representation of past battle pass goods…plus some interesting new stuff.

It’s not like it’s the first time this has happened. lol…

What surprises me is the recipe for the new laser revolver.

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I thought the OP was making stuff up cause I couldn’t find said Youtuber on the OG English YT but thanks to Doc I release this Youtuber on the CMV of YT

But I do agree with Doc and his observation this is like a catch-up BP

That new MG looks like a Legendary version of the Chord to me

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Neat looking gun, but yet another battle pass?
Come on now.

Luckily it does not look that impressive based on the youtube video so i am fine with missing out on this thing

It’s a 6en, laser revolver, fires bursts of 7 laser beams in 4 shots then reloads. If all the beams hit the target it deals additional damage. It does both blast and energy damage. Durability is 393 mass is 743.

I was half-right. It’s an energy weapon but a revolver, not a MG.

…and it’s got attachment nodes around the edges, and even up the stem, not just on the bottom plate, like all the other guns, so it’s ideal for under-mounting into the frame, or armoring up around the edges when mounted conventionally.

The crafting recipe requires a Kapkan, which might be the most valuable purple item on Xbox. The Kapkan has an average price of 3,500 coins right now, which is about the price of an Assembler.

The gun itself is Assembler size, Assembler energy requirements, Assembler damage (1500-1700 on the damage meter) but not nearly Assembler range. The durability of 393 is not nearly the durability required to make an effective 6 energy 4X4X3 brawling gun. My fused Destructors eat stuff like this.

In addition, the gun is unreasonably heavy at 743 kg. Assemblers have a 312 durability against a 293 kg weight.

Based on all of this, pass pass Pasadena. Although, this kind of gun could get buffed in several months to be a very good gun.

I am an old Assembler player and can tell you that it doesn’t feel great when a Breaker rolls up on you and strips one or both of your guns in 1 drive by. Assemblers at least have the extreme range going for them. I’m not sure what is good about Athena.

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Yeah the base of it is certainly interesting. The price is going to be the issue though, using pack items for crafting is kind of a new low.

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I agree that this line shouldn’t have been crossed. I’m not sure where they are going with this. At least the gun isn’t OP so that it is must have.

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Thanks for doing the math for us. I think I trust your analysis.

…and ya, using pack items for crafting is a new low, as Hamster noted. I’m calling it “Low 2.0” Did they get new management, I wonder, or is this just the New Year Outline? Maybe they did get a white-board after all.

If only they could use their powers for good instead of evil.

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Thank you, already got all my crafting supplies.

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If they use game statistics for buffing/nerfing as they like to say they do; unless there’s a lot of the Athenas in play it will be difficult for them to see how well they are actually doing or not doing. With the price tag as is it probably is more likely to linger in the shadows.

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This and I predict Athena will cost around 6-7k. Being… dunno, it’s a mix of Corvo and Destructor. So you need to lead the target and hit it with all shots. With that it should deal incredible amount of damage, on par with full Snowfall salvo hitting one target. If it doesn’t, it’s one of the newest and worst legendary weapons at the same time, beating Parsers and Aseemblers.

Using a gift pack weapon as a material? Crazy and clever ideas, no matter how much more and with the right abilities of weapons is always good

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I think the new battle pass format has some kinks to work out, but after looking at it, I sort of like how customizable they are. They give me a sample to try, and enough resources to complete sets of the parts I like.
I like the crafting bench for the Polar Lights, anyway. The lighter currency works good, and there are enough coins involved that I can buy resources for crafting things that require obsolete components.

I think it’s been rolled out in the roughest way possible, but if they work some of the wrinkles out, it might not be half bad…I’d like the lighters to roll-over, and across all the layered passes they are releasing too, if they plan on continuing that hustle.

I do wish they’d find a standard format and run with it, instead of doing things so very differently every time.

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I agree. I like the Polar Lights pass way better than previous battlepasses where I got one of every weapon. It is nice to spend some BP on stuff that I want to have rather than have the game dictate which items I receive. The nicely fused Arbiter was a nice touch with the pass and gave a lot of people something to grind for. I want a set of 6 fused Slepnir tracks. Other people want Nothungs, Arbiters or other things.

To each his own.

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I prefer getting weapons in pairs where possible, if I need 1 or 2 extra to finish a set that’s fine but singles are hard to make use of regardless of the PS. The exception to this is larger weapons generally 5en and up. When it comes to movement parts I want to have what’s useable to make use of them and that’s generally going to be pairs or more. I do agree it’s generally better for players when they can choose their rewards though.

The elephant in the room to me is that we didn’t really use to have to choose right away in the past, in such the item blueprints use to after a period enter the core game. Then from workbenches to the market and we could easily pick up the items later if we decided we wanted them via crafting or buying. To me that’s the biggest disappointment out of the entire BP system. It’s changed the entire market dynamic from being openly player driven to one that is heavily Dev managed.

I think this is really bad for the core of the game.

I don’t like the lighter currency. The upside of it is you can get fully fused items without extra crafting. The down side is the paywall between how many lighters are given out to a F2P vs a Paying User at extremes. This gets way too close to P2W for my tastes when they sell extra levels as they do. With a lighter cost of 750 for the exchange and an infinite level gain rate of 15 lighters per level they just set the monetary value of god fused items at the cost of 50 levels. 1 lvl = 30 crosscrowns or about $3 USD, which is about $100 USD for the 1500 crosscrown packs.