Where are the new parts?

The two new packs do not contain any new parts.Why?

I smell greed and laziness in here.

Is that headlight not new?

Same reason they don’t have any banners and portraits.

Cuz “buy more packs! Give us money!”

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Let me see part of your reply docsavage and then I’ll go out :joy:

Crosscrowns, Meh. No thanks. I have real money, and if they’d like to make an honest deal, then I’m game. I actually wouldn’t mind getting the Tumbleweed pack, but I think it’s over priced to begin with, and then there is the stupid Crosscrown mini-game I don’t care to be burned with on top of the over-priced pack.

I do think the last few new packs have better looking builds than they used to put out. That always made me wonder. I mean, why can’t the professionals make a descent looking build, at least for marketing purposes? But, like I said, these look much better, IMO.

They’re still over-priced and encourage free-to-play, at least here on my PC. Knock that price 50% off, accept my credit card directly as payment with no Crosscrown scam in between, and then we’d have a deal. Otherwise, I continue down the path of Free-to Play with what I have already.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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Yup, when I used to buy packs I used to wait till the 50% off sales to get them when they were correctly priced and not inflated, now with the buy them with crossclown coins they’re even more inflated and would need to be 70% off to be the proper price!