Where can i find the Official Announcements on this forum?

There doesn’t seem to be a category for this.

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There is none. Users have been copying and pasting them here.

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Sounds a bit unprofessional to me.
You would assume they would post their announcements on their own forums.
Like all the other games do.

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Well, I think it might be harder than normal for some of the devs to interact with the global internet at the moment, so that could be a factor.
And they are a small company, so might not want to devote the resources to have social media people active on multiple platforms.

Personally, I don’t want to deal with Reddit, so I’m staying here, even if info might be delayed sometimes.

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Yup not a Reddit fan either, so lately I’ve been posting updates that I think people will want to know about, some updates I don’t bother posting like how there is an in-game survey happening now, not worth posting it as everyone will see it in-game


At least we still have moderators deleting everything when people bitch about Targem.

There’s no bad reputation if you delete the evidence :nerd_face: