Where do ppl find the plans?

I see in CrossoutDB that onamori, miller, avalanche bring a lot of profit, so they are craftable. But where are the plans?
I bought the battle passes at the time, and have no plans for these.


Only craftable while the BP is still active. Some items come back during mini-BPs.

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they are only craftable during events or during battle passes. yeah its a shame you cant make them but they never released anymore permanent blueprints since the founders faction came out. (it was either founders or after the bastion got released with a few other blueprints…) you can also get them through mini battlepasses as well as they tossed out a few millers in previous battle passes as well.

I forgot to mention that some BPs give us workpieces for some BP parts, which allow you to craft them at a discount after the event is over.

ok thanks. I understand now how some ppl can get relics :slight_smile: they just crafted at the right time

Relics are crafted on the third Engineer’s workbench. The BPs only have items that go up to the legendary tier.