Where do you watch your movies?

Here are some of my sites:



Its always a challenge when new movies come out, to find the best high quality website to watch it at. :sunglasses:

tubi tv beats all


We’re Sorry.

Tubi is the largest free movie and TV streaming service in the US.
Unfortunately, we’re not currently available in your area.

sadly it is region locked :shushing_face:


Between the two, ive probably only been denied watching 3 things over the course of 7 years.

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I should also point out i watch on my PS4 using the wrb browser. No worries about viruses that way, as no virus/malware is made to attack a PS4

yup and it plays the next movie automatically.

btw, ‘skyline’ in the link was a good movie.

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Thanx for sharing DHawk and nobler. :+1:

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I like gomovies, the pop ups are very minimal unlike most other movies sites and has every movie you can think of. I use proton vpn when I’m watching which is a very good free vpn for streaming but the catch is you can’t use it for p2p downloads but streaming is fine.

idk that .sx looks very sketchy to me reason why i don click certain links lol

At the movie theatre.

Or youtube freebies.

save cash and watch tubi its not some sketchy site

I go to the theatre for the movie theatre experience. I don’t mind paying. I am not poor.
I was lucky in life and got the right breaks from perfect strangers. Or it was 30 year of working harder and smarter than most people and standing out, whichever viewpoint you may take. (my opinion is both tbh)

Again, for ps4 users, you can watch these sites on your web browers on PS4 and not hace to worry about shady sites or viruses or malware, etc.

im not poor either since ive spent close to $130,000 on renovations to my house, all new plumbing, front nd back deck, new flooring, siding, roof, concrete driveway going all the way in to the back yard all in a year and a half with no loans to pay back

I wasn’t flexing e-peen bro. I was simply stating my financial position is that I can afford to go out to movies so that is the main way I consume movies.

i dunno, you doubling down on this the way you are makes me think its probably untrue. why would the ps4 be the one and only malware proof device on earth? it has internet, right? explain it to me, daddy.




very special and unique, good for you!

also, watch out with these links you guys, lest someone comes quoting eula and rules again.

I’m a pirate for life even if I found billions of dollars worth of gold from a ancient sunken lost pirate treasure ship.

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