Where is my assembly log?

I had to modify my vehicle for a Daily Challenge. After 5 Victories, I went to use the Assembly Log to easily return to the proper vehicle. It does not exist! I have not gotten disconnected or logged off. So where is it Dev’s? You break something else besides the Unyielding Patch with your Update? Was this intentional?

It’s in the patch notes. It’s been removed.

yeah, i loved it too. but i guess it wasn’t getting enough use to warrant keeping the in.

No, they want to force me to use more Blueprint Expansions. I used it everyday.


i used it VERY frequently as well. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the playership did, too.


Craft your Storage Expansions now, with no workbench rent!
Ha ha, my clan leader just sold 10 Storage Expansions for 266.67 or 240.00 after the tax. Now they are selling for 220.00 before tax. 46.00 loss just because of free work bench rent.

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