Where is my gosh darn Unyielding Patch?!?!?!?1

You get an Unyielding Patch when your score is 50 percent or greater than the winning team’s top score. So, where is it?

649 + 649 = 1298. Top score was 1272. 1298 is greater than or equal to 1272. Thus, where the fudge is my gosh darn Unyielding Patch? Huh?

I need 20 Patches a day, right? Stop robbing me off them!

To get unyielding, you need to take top place in point scoring on the losing team as well. Eltom has the patch. You can get it from him.


You are incorrect. My donut says 6 years played, I know how it should work, and has worked, and when it is broken. Then they fix it for a while. It is currently broken. You can be third place, second place, fourth place, even fifth place, and get Unyielding Patch as long as you have 50 percent of the top score on the winning team. You do not have to be the first-place loser when it is working correctly.

You have to be first place and that’s the way it has always been.

I honestly don’t remember it any other way and I have been playing from almost day one. (I wanted to flex my donut too)

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This man is absolutely consumed by participation trophies and stats in a dead-end game. Every post he makes is literally the same thing.

Is your mom gonna take the screenshot off the fridge if you dont do good enough moving forward? Sheesh.

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What else is there to try for? What is the end game? Why keep playing? To earn trophies, that is all there is!
AND the Seasonal Challenges require Patches!

The old forum is gone, but there were many times they had to repair Unyielding after an update, after players posted a post like mine. Sorry you are misinformed.


Repaired, I thank you!

Broken again! You just repaired Unyielding the last update! How can it be broken again?
Either it works one way or the other, not both! See screenshots in another post!
One player comes in third, gets Unyielding!
Another player comes in third and does not get Unyielding!
Both had greater than 50% of the enemy MVP!
Why two different results?

Bruh, you only get this medal if you are 1-st guy in your team by scoring + you have 50%+ points of your enemy top 1 player. All other unyielding medals you had and if you were not the 1-st one in the top list, due to 1-st player in your team leaving the game


My clan leader was third and got it, there was no indication the others left early. The patch clearly says you have to get half or more of the mvp score. It clearly does not state you have to be the first-place loser. Read the words, where does it say you have to be top loser? My clan leader and I both have 6-year donuts. We have received Unyielding many times while not the top loser.

ya but ‘only player one can get it’ right? :thinking:

Only one can be MVP, the way it is written, many could receive Unyielding.