Where is the reward for years playing the game?

I thought we where suppose to get something special for years of playing?

I got a paint I already have and 10 day premium

Where is the special reward part?

They couldn’t make a new paint? Even a sticker no one else but vets had would have been better. Or a banner. Anything that took a few seconds of effect would have been nice.

Anything for free I am 100% grateful for and honestly thank you devs for giving us anything. You guys didn’t have to do that at all. So, I’m not really mad, and truly Thank you for all you do and Happy Bday.

I guess I just expected a little more then just “Cut and Paste.”

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i try the new event ,its really boring.Its a free for all with bad build.And also i was against a team from the same clan (cheating).

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The last 3 events have been awful.

Bring back Arena

  • Registered more than 4 years ago — 10 days of premium subscription + “Ice crystal” Paint + “Emergency lights” hubcap
    Those are the rewards I got

Yeah I got that…

REALLY??? You complained about getting a paint that was worth 1700 coins and 10 day pass. The said i am not really complaining but where is my gift?

The reward for playing the game for alot of years is gameplay experience.
You are much better at the game than most other people who have played only for a short time.