Where's my additional 500 kg?

Lately, i’ve been playing less than what i used to play, mainly due to professional reasons, but i still come here time to times to do a couple of battles. But tonight all my builds are well over the weight limit, apparently there was a co-driver rework, i couldn’t find Master Jack, and all the new co- drivers seems to be around damage perks.
is the perk of the 500 kg more, lost in this new system?

you can use grizzly, it gives 3% extra mass limit for your cabin which can give you way more than masterjack would if you have a heavy cab, or a bit less if you have a light cab, all depends on how high the cab’s mass limit is

Thank you, i will check that out .

Right in front of my eyes… i don’t know how i didn’t see it first time around… anyway i went for Grizzly… not as good as Master Jack … but it can make it possible to play … by an hair as long i dismount more good stuff in favour of not so good stuff for armour.