Which cab is the fastest

After a quick look at the market only 3 cabs are capable of going at 100 KPH

they are :


Of the three, Kami has the most power, next cockpit and finally Aggressor.

Cockpit seems the most ideal (cause of the perk)

But which of them is the fastest? With boosters and without boosters

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If you’re going for brute speed, then yeah, the cockpit will get you there the fastest.

I like the Aggressor better, though. The perk is much more usable - especially when mated with Big Foot wheels & Cheetah. You get full perk (21% damage boost to all weapons) in about 3.5 seconds if your build is light.

I like Aggressor very much, i think it’s super underrated, always was.
But i don’t mind giving a party for one ( to myself, yeahhh )
But for this last event i use my drone build (you know, the Storm chaser)
But i tweaked that build a lot, two versions later and 5 tons lighter, there’s a world of difference.
I thought My drone build was fast ( and it is, for what it does normally) but today i saw that difference ( lately I’ve been using my event build for PVE and PVP.)
Storm chaser it’s like a heavy cab when compared to my event build (despite going at 120 KPH also). Both share the same cab, Aggressor.

With this event i went for acceleration and top speed, i had to be faster than the Ravagers, specially from 0 to 120 KPH.

The event is gone but i’m all fired up for racing

I want to develop the fastest build i can make, the rest comes second.

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Ah… in that case, the Cockpit is it.

I’ve actually been toying with this for a while - without boosters, though. I’ve wanted the best rig for getting around the Adventure as fast as possible for the side mission challenge. I also like taking these into PVP for a little fun.
Some take aways from what I’m thinking & finding…

I actually use the Aggressor since I hate burning energy on boosters.

All 1X lightweight frames & the minimal at that to make the build wide & long for stability (fast cars flip).

Gun Mount Wheels are great… they sit a little higher, so you’ll clear more obstacles. They’re light, and feature bullet resistance. -8 & 15% power, though.

Lunar Wheels are similar, but sit lower & have a lower power penalty.
Buggy Wheels… 5 & 10% power loss & a speed requirement perk.

Low Clearance wheels… only 2 & 4% power loss!

Chameleons since you won’t be heavy enough to fight. Run away, turn a corner & disappear.
Cheetah. No other engine matters.
Radio… you’ll be away from the team since you’re so fast. Let 'em know what’s up.
Doppler - maybe fused for distance detection. You don’t wanna round the corner into a harvester build.
I don’t have it, but the Thor is going under my build ASAP.


To each their own, but…
Kapkan & King are perfect. Your enemies will be chasing you. Make 'em regret it.

Copter drones… they do damage & draw fire, but give away where you are.

Turrets are good in theory, but enemies just ram 'em & they’re done.

Vultures… hear me out… are great. Mount 'em forward on the build so they don’t get shot while you’re running. Fire them FORWARD of where you’re going, let 'em land & get cloaked, then drive under 'em. The guy chasing you can’t shoot 'em & gets nailed.

Jubokko… because duh.

Pay attention to the parts with bullet resistance… elbows, bumpers etc. You know the drill.

One thing I sometimes try is to make the build rather V-shaped with the narrow part in the front. I’ve even made builds with the front steering wheels in tandem - one in front of the other to accomplish a very pointy build. The LAST thing you want is to be hung up on an enemy build. Building a V makes it possible to bounce off enemies. Those Birds of Prey bumpers are perfect dead center up front. They’re heavy, but sturdy & do a lot of damage.

When you get something built, be sure to share it. I love this kind of non-meta building.

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I moved back to my old garage where i developed my old race builds. All of them won 1st places and one of them won a 1 st place against a 9 k PS hover race build.
But there were a lot of them that blew up past 200 KPH in the test phases.
So it will be perfect to tests.
( i always preferred the old garage grounds to test my builds)

I will have to make 2 chassis, one to race and other to fight.

wheels i will study some, like low clearance wheels, but others (buggy and studded) are already ready for testing.

first i will strip to the bone my event build and put some weight to see how much it can take until the acceleration bar start to go down, that will tell me how much weight do i have for the two versions.

weapons will come later, but the the battle version will have more leeway.

Radiance and being against the team, i saw a thing or two.

A radiance build don’t have 500 points of durability, the red eye doesn’t have any durability and works against the build when destroyed, it has poor handling and they were capable of wiping entire teams between the first and second gates.
The suppressing fire inaccurate and very thin many of times.
if not for the eye, the success rate would double.
and more.
Even in PVP where people tend to ram and tunnel vision, a event build could do well sometimes.

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If you’re going for absolute bare minimums, try four 1x8 frames only. One facing forward slightly offset. One facing rearward offset to the opposite side & two sticking out either side. Steering wheel mounted to the center on the front 1x8 & another on the rear one. Regular wheels on the “outriggers” to the side. Absolute least amount of frames & amazingly stable.

Pretty sure kami is the fastest. Only cabin I can do burnouts with on combat builds.
Put a kami on four buggy wheels or hermits with a cheetah, with falcon or grizzly for the power boost.

It doesn’t take much to think about it, acceleration depends on power and weight, legendary cabin of the same type have better properties than epics and if you buy the season pass kami is a power upgrade it will be faster, of course the fastest is still a cockpit with boosters

Ironically, the cabin is secondary to what ive discovered. ive found a way to make any wheel build keep 100% its speed even after doing donuts. Literally the speedometer will read 80-90 while doing a donut, but the moment you straighten out, speedometer reads 120 and the build is figuratively shot out of a cannon. It translates to the battlefield in a very simple way. Drive towards a shotgun/melee build, force them to do a 180, and you continue on at 120, while they are coming out of it doing ~90 kph. Child’s play at that point.

Ill post a video of it a little later.

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