Which improvement for AD-12 Falcon

Hi there,

I am asking myself which kind of upgrade combination is the best/most powerful for AD-12 Falcon!?

You have the following options:

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Mass
  • Resistance to all damage
  • Power
  • Drone damage increased by 5%
  • Active time +10%
  • Reloading time -17%
  • Handling
  • Projectile Range +15%
  • Activation speed +20%
  • Drone durability +30%

I know that Drones aren’t beloved weapons, but when you wanna upgrade them then there are a lot of options that sound reasonable. My favorite combination is

Durability + 10%
Active time +10%
Projectile range +15%

But “reloading time” and “activation speed” or “drone damage increased” sound good too.

What do you think?

I think drone durability is the most practical

I don’t think this is giving you so much advantage. Drone durability here is from the drone (in the air) himself and not the weapon. That means a shotgun or machine gun should still be able to destroy them fast, or?!

They generally attack drones first, and the main reason I say that is that it has the highest numbers(30%), but I think these things have a limited bonus and don’t need to be given too much attention to them,and increasing the range is still a good option

Yeah, I understand. For me, it seems to be difficult to find the “best” combination here. Missing something like a possibility to compare stats to see the effects :slight_smile:

To a degree, it depends on how you play. If you’re putting them on a fast build and are going to be presenting moving targets, durability won’t be that big of a deal. If you are going more tank like, you definitely want the durability.

For every drone in the game, activation time is the key weakness. The fact that they are often destroyed before they fire the first round is laughable. No matter how you play, that butff would definitely be much needed.

Dura/damage resist

Damage/Reloading time

Projectile range (activation speed would be good for Fuzes)

-17% mass of a light dronebox doesn’t do much, Active time is kinda whatever if your drones get blown up, +30% of 0 dura = 0 dura.


Resistamce to damage
Active time
Drone durability

Is what id choose. But also theres no way im fusing a purple drone.