Which type of brawl / event do you like more?

  • Prebuild vehicles
  • Own vehicles

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Which kinds of brawls etc do you like the most? The ones where you have to bring in a self-build vehicle, or the one where everyone gets the same prebuild vehicle, or a selection from a few prebuild vehicles available?


I myself like the ones where there’s prebuild vehicles, in those it feels like you actually have a fighting chance vs the usual minmaxed ultracheese people bring into any brawl with own vehicles, and just meta steamroll the competition most of the times, only countered by equal levels of cheesing rather than any skills

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The only brawl I ever enjoyed was the Ravagers, and that was build your own and prefabricated builds, so IDK how to answer your poll. Generally, I don’t like their brawls, but like you said…

This sums up most of this game, unfortunately, and even more so when the player population is thin, like it is.

I don’t like driving wonky cars, and many brawls with developer built cars suck, because for whatever reason they always feel like they need to put a bunch of salt on their cheese. It’s like they’ve never encountered “fun” and just don’t know what it looks like. They do know pretty, but “fun?” Not so much. Even if they did make something that was fun, the players are always real proud of how fast they can break it.

Too many people “play” this game rather than just play the game, if you know what I mean (and I think you do). They like to pat themselves on the back for ruining a good thing a lot, and share accolades with every dork that invents a new game-breaking technique.

i do have a soft spot for the brawls where we get pre-made rigs from the exhibition but, also, get to choose between 3 vehicles. On my good days, I like seeing if i can still adapt to new things, and the forced brawls help me out with that, even as frustrating as some can be, so I like’em.