Who are the in game moderators?

i need to know who are the in game moderators

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They usually have a “GM” somewhere in their name and when they chat, their name is in orange. I avoid them when possible. :expressionless:

They are all in a moderator group.
Wich you can find in this image, just follow the 2 steps.

Hello @derp_driver,
This group is only for Forum moderators.

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I see, so is there another group for ingame moderators?
Since the only GMs i see ingame are in this group.

Nope, they don’t have a dedicated group, most of the GMs don’t check the forum, that’s why they don’t have a role here.
HornOchse manages the majority of the in-game reports and unban requests that are submitted through the forum.

What do you mean “Who?”
With my 50k battles I extremely rarely met them in pvp mode.
I did seen GMs fairly often in bedlam, as that mode often becomes place for discussing most inappropriate things.
GMs I seen there are pretty boring unremarkable people, most likely just some moderate players rewarded(or hired, idk) with the status to maintain sanity in that mode. But they seem rather evasive in discussing what GM is, how they got it and what they do.