Who Asked ? They Just Imagine Questions To ThemSelves 🤣

Actually, people do ask questions of the devs all the time and occasionally they deem to answer a few, that’s what that post is about. And I remember them saying they’d be answering questions but since they never did I assume they decided not to but eh, better late than never, so no they aren’t asking questions to themselves then answering them like you think they are!

Where ? On Discord ?

Discord, Reddit, and the forum mods do occasionally pass on questions from the forum and sometimes in the in-game polls they allow you to type stuff

They Have Discord Channel ? :face_with_peeking_eye:

This is something that’s been asked here repeatedly… This is only part of their answer.

“What role do clan battles and their statistics play in the balance of parts?”

When balancing weapons, we take into account both clan battles and random battles, because not all types of weapons are played in clan battles.

There’s actually good info there.

They post on Facebook, discord, reddit, twitter, Instagram, and have their own websites. Heaven knows where they farmed these questions.

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No, Maybe, Maybe, No, 100% Never :rofl:


“Don’t you think that the energy consumption of “Varun” is too high? Especially after its nerf. Maybe it’s time to give it 6 energy?”

Let’s not talk specifically about “Varun”, but more about our approach to balance.
We check the analytics, statistics, how often a certain part is used, what percentage of the winrate the part has, at what power score levels, etc. If we find a mismatch — either the winrate is too high or too low we’re implementing changes. In some cases we can raise the amount of power score, somewhere — increase the durability, reduce the rate of fire, etc.
There are cases when a certain weapon performs poorly at 8300 PS, but it plays well at 9600 PS. Or some people say: “I don’t play well with special weapons at 9000 PS.” Special guns shouldn’t be there. Sometimes you can put simpler wheels, some cabin, or replace some modules, and you will already find yourself with a special cannon with 6000-7000 PS, and it will be comfortable to play.
We check statistics and look for deviations — we fix them, release balance changes, but there can be no perfect balance in a PvP game.

“Do you think Varuns are too high in energy?”
Devs: “You should not play specials at 9000”
“Ok but what about the Varu-”
Devs: “Next!”

So yeah either seal club with them at lower ps to some success because you’re not allowed to make a high ps Varun build because no that is not balance.

That is all I am reading between the lines here


The discord is awful, worse than here

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Joining a crossout discord is the last thing I will do when it comes to this game. I have seen enough discord s***shows, I’d rather join a full on angry little kids Clan than join the discord, at least then I am only struggling to tolerate 19 mentally struggling individuals in need of attention (I can’t remember if 20 people was the max for a clan or what I haven’t clan) rather than something like 650 of them all echo chambering the smell of their own farts

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They all seemed like coomer degenerates, I had to join for a contest so I read the chat some night… it was prretty sad

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That was the same with me with discord. I see Discord and Reddit being about the same. Too many people talking all at once and very few people actually reading anything. That is also what I like about this forum. Aside from the bickering that pops up from time to time, at least you can have a conversation here.

They also collect questions from Russian sources like VK and the Russian forum

I can tolerate the Reddit even it means I have to self censor sometimes… I once got a perma can for the C word… which I got revoked of course, because a perma ban for 1 word that isn’t racism is dumb.

The mods on there can definitely be power abusive a bit too easily

The issue with Reddit is that it’s just rolling-media… in 2 days everything is gone and there isn’t a real chance for a true discussion, which is what I liked about the old forums here; they really butchered this place from what it once was, I wish I knew Russian better so I could participate in the real forums.


I’d be willing to bet they only care for the Russian forums with a sprinkle of VK, mainly due to FR

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Your probably right

It’s not hard to communicate on the Russian forum with google chrome on your phone.

It auto-translates the posts and your reply’s.

I have been posting there for years.

“the team that deals with the in-game balance”

It’s a whole ass team!? What are they doing for 8 months between balance patches? :skull:

In the modern age a whole team could be one dude working from home in his underwear.

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Yeah but I’d rather learn Russian a bit more… I spent a few months on and off learning and the alphabet is actually really easy and words are pronounced as they’re written unlike a lot of English.

So whenever I see cyrillic I like to sound it out and such as practice so auto-translating would feel like I’m skipping the opportunity to learn, I should get back into learning it. Русский хорошо. I didn’t get cyrillic keycaps for nothing.

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