Who brings content from the forum to developers

I would like to know the answer to this question and I have been expecting a response from the developer

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I ain’t sure someone does bring any content from the forum to devs.

No, the change that everyone asked about a thousand times everywhere doesn’t mean devs listened to it.

the old forum the devs would comment on our posts…
not this one…
but it doesn’t say they don’t see it…

You will never get a response from the dev team.

And we are only guessing they have someone tell them what we think because a lot of the changes in the last patch where directly from forum posts.

The other part of me wants to believe that it was just the plan they had, they don’t listen at all and it is just coincidence the changes are related to posts.

I did see a community manager post on a topic the other day. I can’t remember their name, I have never seen them before.

How ironic it is that XO vets are like “Oh there was this newb who posted for the first time recently. He’s community manager. Never heard of him before or after that.”

I guess we manage ourselves :skull:

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I found him

you gonna post it or what? :crazy_face:
or link the topic they commented in lol…

I sent him a message to see if I could get a reply

I don’t know the name, but I’ll look.

i seen them already but i cant remember their name nor the topic they posted in lol…
love a good mystery…

This topic - he has only ever made one post :slight_smile:

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Faley016Community Manager

welcome to the forum!! Faley016… :crazy_face:


Appropriate avatar.