Who buys pack because of a hadron workpiece?

I sometimes wonder how many palms they have to grease to keep this boat floating. How much does it cost them to make a transaction? IDK. How many people handle my credit card information anyway? What’s the overhead on virtual goods that were developed 2 years ago? Why are the prices so high on cosmetics created so long ago? I don’t get it.

As for the Hadron workpiece, ya, I don’t care to buy that. I hear it’s only payable with Crosscrowns too? Neat. Personally, even after playing for years, I don’t really even know what a “Hadron Workpiece” is. Not like some of these guys do, anyway. Like, I wouldn’t know that I needed a Therm to use it.

Since it’s going to go like that, I’ll wipe those offers in general from my list of potential persuasions to buy their products containing them in the future. Next time I’m offered something similar, I’ll reflexively turn away. I’m easy to train that way. It’s called prejudice, I think. It’s better to get’em young and naive, than old and jaded, probably.


I think that is/was probably one if not the main reason for introducing CrossCrowns so that they could make the packs more expensive and hope most players wouldn’t do the math, I could be wrong though on that

My understanding was that it was difficult to arrange frequent sale packs with the all the various platforms (PC and console) due to currency exchange laws, or some contract fine-print-lawyer BS, so Crosscrowns were considered as a work-around (so they could sell cheap decor, and offer rotating weekly sales). However, that doesn’t offer an excuse for the wonky exchange rate they attached to the currency. In fact it makes their official narrative a little hard to receive.

CrossCrowns exist solely to psychologically remove the act of buying in-game items from the idea that you’re spending real world money on those items. Every F2P game that has purchasable in-game currency does it for this reason.

It’s why there’s no direct dollar to CrossCrown to item correlation… Thus the math mentioned a couple of posts ago. It’s intentionally unclear.

You will never see a CrossCrown sale like $10 gets you 100 CrossCrowns.

You will never see an in-game item sold for the exact number of CrossCrowns you can buy.

“$10 for 100 CrossCrowns, and this new pack is exactly 100 CrossCrowns. How convenient!”


It will always be some fake “sale” or special… “$4.99 gets you 350 CrossCrowns + an extra 39 crowns!”

And then, “this new awesome pack is 369 CrossCrowns, + you get this limited edition workpiece unavailable anywhere else!”


Confusing on purpose so you guess.

Prices don’t match up so you have money trapped on the game, and then feel obliged to spend more real money to free the trapped money.

Limited edition items because… Well… They made them that way.


All hail the blast radius, all hail the blast radius.

Isn’t the work piece a “Bonus” item? Who would complain about that?

Doesn’t crafting that piece require obsolete prerequisites, like the Therm or something?
If that’s the case, it’s a “bonus” like half a toy in a Cracker Jack box is. It’s more of an invitation to buy more stuff, than a bonus.
IDK. It doesn’t really hurt my feelings that it’s in there, but I’m not interested in the workpiece, and think it’s a flimsy bonus that isn’t getting them any closer to my wallet. They’ve given away cooler stuff, probably.

Personally, I’ve been waiting on the “Death” pack to come back on sale, but it’s been a while…I think that’s the one, anyway. I want the old Camero front end pretty bad. I don’t care to see them add any workpieces into the pack to sweeten the deal though.

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Did you know you can get those structure parts by getting prestige levels on the factions? Can’t remember which one is that pack, but I got that front end and fenders a while ago.
That’s one of the things that keeps me grinding: unlocking new structure parts and trying to fit them into a build.


I think I looked it up once, but I don’t have the game installed at the moment, and I wasn’t sure. That’s good to know.


Should I post yet another link to my Psychology of Free To Play Games thread? :rofl: :man_shrugging:

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No thank you, we’ve probably all seen it by now :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :man_shrugging:

Clearly not everyone has read it… any of it… or else they’d not be confused as to what Targem & co are doing. :clown_face:

Well you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink it, but knowing horses they’d be more than happy to fart!

you dont get it, it would be like you telling your alcoholic brother that alcohol is bad for him and he shouldnt drink it. but its right there, dont even have to leave the house, just turn on the old potato and insert the card. imagine a meatcanyon cartoon.

You both make a very good point.

Well, sometimes I wear my smarty pants hat!

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