Who buys pack because of a hadron workpiece?

Most of the people who had hadron’s workpiece in previous seasons didn’t use it at all.It has no particular value at all, and if you want players to buy packs, it’s best to use a low-cost one or almost non-existent workpiece.

Maybe it’s for people that missed the BP and now regret it? Hadron is a pretty good cabin, one of the few medium cabs that I use regularly.


It’s more likely to mess with the market even more, if it’s the same workpiece that they offered before for it then it requires stuff that we can already not make without other workpieces.

The prior Hadron workpiece required: 2x photon cabs, 2x trombone rockets, and a Barrier.
The prior Trombone rockets workpiece required: 1x side kick, 1x AC62 Therm, 2x APC wheel ST

On console they were already reporting a higher price for the Therms. On PC ours are now sitting near 300 which is rather high for a special. With the Trombones jumping to 597 on PC. As you know some of the BP requirements for crafting this season already include the Therm. This type of offer will just cause the price of both to rise even more as supply is squeezed even tighter.

The other thing it does is make them more viable when offered again which is a way to increase fluff in events will reusing previously created goods. By pre-inflating the price it basically should reduce complaints when it’s eventually rereleased rather then some new part being used.

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I read that an got excited cause I was like a free cabin, then read a bit more and my excitement waivered haha

I don’t mind those kinds of things, as I tend to keep lots of items around even if I’m not using them, and occasionally make good profit by selling off ingredient items that are suddenly valuable.

TY! now I remember, I made all the Trombones. That is where my AC 62 Therm work pieces went.

So , they must be hinting towards more therm workpieces? or trying to wipe them off the market completely

Not having a lot of these parts available for normal production does kind of bug me. I don’t like the idea of creating artificial shortages and supply booms even though that’s a great way to expedite market movement. I think it would be way better to offer many of these items on a rotating basis for badges with 2 cost centers (one for a workpiece, and a second for blueprint which can be great bit higher). In terms of the higher cost it could make use of other resources such as the shells, coupons and other participation counters in addition to badges.

I’m fairly selective about using the workpieces but I thought about that a few times.

It’s possible but it might not be soon as in during this bp.

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ah , well if i had to choose between trombone and hadron , its trombone all day lol , i wish i were around for those workpieces as i only have 1

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There aren’t any workpieces in this BP, right? Maybe they’re moving away from that system?

Some of the small ones did last year but the large ones I think didn’t. Steel champ had them mr twisted had them those are the two that stick out in my head. Chase I remember didn’t…

Edit: mr twisted didn’t see further below for better list of which ones that did.

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I doubt it. Workpieces allow them to re-use assets while providing perceived value in a BP.

Mmmm… CrossCrowns. Nope. Won’t buy anything with those.

See the thread on the psychology of this…

which workpiece did mister twister have ? all i got was a lousy pack car and some decor

Me too. That hustle needs more sugar, if they want it to work right, IMO. As it sits, it’s like a beacon of corruption, incriminating and sad. It’s such bad marketing. It makes it look like they earn their bread from being manipulative schemers, rather than selling an honest product…because it’s heavier on the scam than any actual product, and that scam is very obvious, clear and open, while the value of the actual product is very debatable and only marginally discernible.

Even if you’re selling crack, it’s best not to step on the product too much, and you certainly don’t want to do that in public. There, with Crosscrowns (to extend the metaphor), they are essentially cutting the duff into the coke right in front of the customer. It’s amateur. They look bad for it, IMO, but whatever. I guess they’re bottom feeding, or something. IDK.

I think they could do more to make those micro-transactions have more merit. They could straight up ditch the exchange-rate scam for starts, and just be happy with the fact they are selling imaginary goods, easily reproduced (copy/paste). These products are already actually in reality absolutely worthless, and only virtually valuable to start with. How they can’t turn a proper profit with that business model without turning tricks is beyond me.

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It wasn’t twister just double checked on it sorry about that… Crossout day mini-event, Arena, and Steal champ. There might be another it’s hard to remember all the rewards each season. lol

Twister was paints, decor, stickers…

Including only this legendary workpiece may not be enough of a draw if a potential buyer needs to spend coins on ingredients that are already expensive, or hard come by in general, due to them being used in the current season. It’s bad marketing.

The Cockpit was released soon after the Clash contest to build an F1 car. One could say, “Good, they’re not that greedy!” But knowing Gaijin’s attitude to monetization, I saw that as a misstep.
In late 2021, there was a Clash contest to build a mobile Nomad base. My first thought: “railings.” But there weren’t any to buy… Because anyone that had some, would have used them in their own contest vehicles. Perhaps some players would’ve wanted to spent money to get some railings, the only source of which has so far been the Founders season in early 2020. I had plenty of railings, so the shortage didn’t affect me. But I wasn’t willing to sell any, even if to help someone out, because I couldn’t count on being able to buy them back after, or at similar prices.

Those responsible for organizing these things don’t seem to miss an opportunity to miss out on some extra revenue for the game.

It’s a gloomy situation not being able to get stuff at all. And, as Dirty_Hamster pointed out, such shortages wreak havoc on the market, if the stuff is available. At least there seem to have been plenty of Therm workpieces left in active players’ inventories. They can sell one Therm for the price of two, those that weren’t here to get their own workpieces have to shell out that extra dough, but there is supply. But what if something can’t be crafted, and was last added to the game in a season three eyars ago? How many railings are there still in circulation, after some of those players quit forever? There are more uncraftable items like that.

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I spent all of my Therm and Trombone workpieces re-fusing my Trombone for blast radius and rocket turn speed. I regret nothing.


Imagine if by buying something with CrossCrowns, it made better financial sense than relying on straight cash… maybe then… maybe. As is, when I do the math in my head, the packs sold for cash when they have the sales are always a better deal.

I’m betting they’ve read industry articles about how to monetize your game & are just following some cookie-cutter format…


if my math is right on this war pack , for it to be on par with other packs while on sale you would have to buy the crown pack for 100$ just to get 6600 coin value for 36$