Who Changed my Account Name-Not Cool

I want to know where the account is that belongs to my original screen-name, or why they changed it, who changed it, and can they change it back, please? I don’t care for this at all. It actually pisses me off significantly, the more I consider how this might have occurred. Who the hell is screwing with my account? Changing my name like that doesn’t seem to me to be possible without somebody sitting in front of a keyboard and physically typing it in by hand. Where is my actual account, the one Labelled “DocSavage?”
It’s never been “docSAVAGE.” Has my account been compromised (again)? WTF?

Next stop: file a goddmn report, or delete my account…yup, pissed.

Wait… Look at the experience levels and coins.
What’s going on?

One’s a screen shot of my name in game from several weeks ago (showing my moniker as it should read and always has read), the other is a screen shot from just recently. I leveled up, I guess…sold some stuff too.

Just gonna delete the account. Fuggit. I don’t feel like climbing through the complaint process. They have a magical way of making me even angrier. See ya’ll later…I’ll be in disguise though, haha…hey look, it’s my sense of humor! I thought it was lost. It’s still lame, probably, but it’s mine.


I’m pretty sure you can just change it back yourself though.

Got the exact same problem.
Nothing else got touched, no item sold nor bought, so not the usual hackers.
I guess some mod/admin has a way to change names beyond the usual “Renamed#Random”, and is being petty on anyone who killed him too many time in matches or something.

And no, you can’t change it back yourself. The rename option is apparently only for your Gaijin account, and my name is fine there. Only in Crossout.

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2 other people in game were saying the same happened to them

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Just asking, when I first started playing years ago I just had given myself a fairly email attached name and some how in the gaijin preferences changed it myself to something more character worthy. They could have changed the method since I did it too, no clue.

…and it look like it’s back to normal, somehow.
EDIT:At least in-game. Forum name is still broken.

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A glitch then, maybe?

Odd glitch. How does a “glitch” like that happen?

My account seems back to normal as well, but I’m not sure I trust it anymore. I cancelled the deletion process, but I have to wonder if my account has been cloned or something. Is it safe to use a credit card with Gaijin?
Has my account been compromised? Is it safe to use? Who did this? It doesn’t look like the kind of error a bot would make to me. There are too many steps involved in changing a screen name, especially in the manner mine was changed…now it’s just back to normal again? How? Why no announcement if the devs fixed it? How did it get fixed? WTF is up with Targem? Am I on the no fly list? If I use my account to make a purchase will I be sending my credit card information to “docSAVAGE?”

Looks like it isn’t. So don’t use it anymore in Gaijin games. I don’t know how to make it even more clear than the “game” already did.

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Change your passwords, watch your CC statements, charge back any false charges… carry on & have fun.


your fine though it’s just lower case letters,but it’s still your account…

Hello Survivors,

The temporary change was from us, it was necessary to perform some operations.
But don’t worry, it should be back as it was previously.
A simple reconnection to our services should restore it. If it’s not the case, please contact our support: https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us/categories/200612042-CROSSOUT

Best regards,
The Crossout Team