Who else is hyped for Red Light v2?

Just hope rewards will be decent this time around.


btw how does one properly link video in this new forum?

very excited for it. to link from youtube, click the share button and grab the link in that window, then, just paste it into here, give it a few seconds to load, and you’re good to go.

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sometimes you need to hit Enter then try to paste the link again in that spot.
example-hit enter
(paste here)

it happens alot i had to figure that out too…

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ty, much appreciated

What builds you guys thinking on runing. This time around seams mines wont be much effective I’m going either 3x Sparks or backwards lobbing Porcs :smiley:

I’m glad for the people that like PvE.

I will not be playing the event, unless they have something for free that I just can’t live without.

I’m going to guess that they lock whatever is good behind a pay wall…

But, it’s not PVE. It’s PVP, just like last time…right?

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Red light rocks! I never beat it last year.



Is it pre-built cars? Or PS locked?

EDIT - Never mind, I watched the video.

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I would just like to take this time to pat myself on the back.

The Ravager Brawl is one of my claims to fame in the game, as it’s a direct result from one of my submissions :slight_smile:
This is an old video but yeah, it was me!

My second claim to fame is the Furia rig but that’s a story for another thread.


I am hopeful, but not hyped. It is really hard to screw up this gamemode, but if anyone can do it, it’s the crossout team

I remember this awful operation.
A monument to laziness.
instead of bots, let’s use players like our bots and let us take away from them the ability to strike.
Make them run, their only option if they want to prevail.

Forget operation Gozu where they could go in a killing spree, annihilanting every single raveger from the map.

Guess i’ll pass this pile of sh…

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You clearly never heard about Wargaming.

plot twist: the players are the bots.

You must’ve been a hoot at the game of tag

i’m more like a juggernaut kind of person, not a ballerina.
what i can tell you, long, long time ago at high school
in a game of football my foot was already engaged in kicking the ball , i couldn’t recall the kick no more, at the last minute a player tried to cut the ball with his foot…
I kicked the ball, his shoe and him all at once, the ball went to the corner of the net, his shoe went outside the side line, and the guy went horizontal mid air.
At that time.
As a joke they used to say.
The ball could get pass me but no player could.

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for all you Americans…this is soccer :rofl:
it’s ok…took me a second read :crazy_face:

We Europeans should start calling American football, fancy Rugby, or plastic Rugby or safe Rugby…

Rugby helmet?

Motocross Rugby?

I know, i know.

What about?.. (drum roll)

Bikeless Rugby.