Who moderates the Moderators?

For some reason there is an invisible moderator out there who keeps suspending my accounts without even giving an explanation.

I have made a polite and elaborate post on this an hour ago with a backup account.
About how a moderator decided to use a post from a year ago to silence my account, and when i asked questions 5 times without an awnser to their superious, my account was suspended and the post was removed.

I dont think they realize i can just keep making new accounts, and ask the same simple question,

My alternate account was suspended for asking this same simple question, so i just made a new one,
maybe when they realize their sense of power is just empty and misplaced and they are humane enough to just awnser a simple question, that has 2 of my accounts suspended now. then maybe we can treat each other like adults, instead of this childish power abuse.


Hello @143984542,

We don’t approve such false accusations and an answer has been given to you by myself.
Now you stop creating new accounts and your provocative behavior, otherwise your main account will be permanently banned.

Sure, that’s why you should stop creating new accounts. Accept the sanction and wait it to end like an adult :slight_smile:

Best regards,