Who would you like to be a part time moderator in this Forum?

if i missed anyone please feel free to add your name… :crazy_face:


I’m too much of a drama queen for the gig. Nerp for me, but ObsidianFang and Pooney4u have pretty easy going personalities that convey perseverance and a striking lack of mood swings. They are pretty even keeled. RoughMonkey has some pretty smooth politicking going on lately, but nobody would let him get away with it. You’d have to pull his tail. I would.

MudnBeer would be fun, but I think it’s too hard for him to keep a straight face. It’d be fun, though.

The others like to talk tech a lot, and I can’t follow it. They’re opinionated, but not mean about it usually. They’d probably be good candidates too, but I’m not sure you could make them do it.

Dangerous thread. I hope it goes well. Good luck.


Years ago, I ran two forums much larger than this one with a much more serious subject matter.

One thing I learned from that experience was that I never want to do that again.

Talk about asking for punishment!


not me. im too unstable.

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If you say so…I’m not going to poke with a stick to find out or anything.

I think Charlie is a good fit. He’s not at all interested in our BS, doesn’t meddle, and has his own thing going, which is being helpful to others. He’s good-willed, gives us plenty of leash, but does manage to show up periodically when things get stupid. I have no complaints with how it’s set up now…there’s that one thing, but what can you really do? Whack-a-mole? IDK.

I’m with Roopull…


What is the moderator’s role and do we really need one?


I like to think I can keep my issues under wraps but, if im having a bad day (and if I also have an outlet to do it) I go on power trips. Some here have seen it happen, so, thank you for the vote of confidence but, respectfully, I gotta bow out.


Charlie does a great job. +1

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Personally, I still think moderation of this forum is a joke. That has nothing to do with what I think of Charlie as a person. I see function separately from person.
When you appoint a moderator you create the expectation that action will be taken if forum rules are violated. When, several days in a row, the most disgraceful things are said about each other in a discussion and if, after a ban, someone can continue with a different account without intervention, that expectation is not met. Don’t do it or do it right.
As far as I am concerned, a moderator in this form is not necessary at all. You may also wonder whether it is necessary anyway, this forum is so small and only has a handful of residents. Average whatsapp group I’m in has more participants.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

WTF was that?


No really, WTF was that? I thought my tin-foil hat was supposed to keep stuff like that out. Was that somebody’s imaginary friend that some how left it’s body to find a new host…I’m not a good host. I’m pretty sure “we both” just discussed that (me and my shadow).

Now I have to wonder how many of my online “friends” actually exist, or if they are just cylons pretending to be real people…it could be anybody…it could be everybody.

I don’t exist outside this forum. Maybe, I’m the cylon and I just haven’t realized it yet…Maybe, Jimmy has come from the mother-ship to take me home.

I know there are actually 13 models. We all do (so say, we all).

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Thank you sir :slight_smile:

Funny thing is, the forum users are the mods of the forum. We all have control.

Charlie only reacts to flagged posts and when people send him messages.

I can honestly say that 75-80% of the time a thread gets locked or someone get a ban I have personally contacted the mod staff. It’s to the point that forum members PM me about issues that need taken care of.

So in fact, I do “get away with it”

But it’s not just me - everyone please keep in mind that we all have the obligation to police the forum.

I’m not sure you get it. I’m not convinced Jimmy is real.

That is nearly (almost verbatim…almost) the same thing I said, but slightly rephrased.

It’s close, but oddly different.

So ya, you’re welcome, but WTF?

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Lol, how weird and thank you.

I didn’t put two and two together :slight_smile:

I wonder if that is AI?

It could be a Cylon

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I know, right? Number five is alive.

So now I have to wonder, can it troll? Does it troll? Have I been trolled by bots? How many other bots are there? If they are this far out, then they might be everywhere. Who would send a bot to this obsolete, low traffic forum? Does that mean some google chat-bot jumped ship and is looking for “real” friendship somewhere beyond the rainbow?..I have so many questions now.



Can we teach it to say bad things? I wanna fck with it, but I’m afraid of it a little. Why did it come at me first…or did it? Should we wake up Charlie? What if he’s a pod-person too?

I think it’s weird. The universe is broken.

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