Who's the main forum moderator these days?

Id like to have a chat with him

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They won’t help you get 40 score


Main forum moderator

Lol. There is barely some1 checking in every few days and taking action once in few months if necessary.

The ones that are active on here:

HornOchse - game master
Shakku - community manager
Quaero_et_tego - senior mod
Charlie9204_XO or Charlie9204 - mod
DieselMD - mod

I left off anyone that hasn’t been on in more then a few months.

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I didn’t know if charlie or Quaero_et_tego was still a mod cause I ain’t been that active on the forum for a while, why i asked.

Most of them are the same the only one that’s really changed is the community manager.

Thank you, I’m gonna get a little rest and message him later on


If possible can you explain what veto powers each one of them got?

Veto is probably the wrong word but we could ask them what they all do…

@HornOchse @Shakku @Quaero_et_tego @Charlie9204_XO @Charlie9204 @DieselMD Would you all mind so much as explaining forum rolls and when we should and shouldn’t contact you on here?

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i just found the section with the list of forum moderators, it was under more and groups which is pretty tough to find and well hidden. I remember you mentioning it before but couldn’t remember what exactly. i might just do Eeny, meeny, miny, moe and leave it at that lol no big deal.

Yea where do i find the forum rolls for each one I really have no idea which one I’m suppose to be talking to really.

I asked DieselMD to come check on us after it looked like we were abandoned but most of them have been here for a while.

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That who i was thinking about contacting and i know he’s active, i played him in game couple days ago, very well played match. I know hes active on reddit too o no point in message mods that as gone awol.

Then again I’m looking up the mod list and noticed that there is only 3 that’s been logged on recently, DieslMD don’t seem to be as active here as what i thought.

He’s often in game.

I know he plays the game alot lol, I won a few battles for uranium when he was on my team too but yea he don’t seem to be that active here however

MSGs haven’t been that good.

What you mean? like in game messages or ones made thru the forum?

Forum threads…