Why are all items given to publisher partners for free?

Hello Guys.
Why are all items given to broadcaster partners for free?
Why can they get all weapons, vehicles and consumables for free without any effort? Why are all battle passes and packs free for them?

And if everything is free for them, why do they face off against other players in battle?
While the other player doesn’t even have a proper weapon, the partner who got everything for free comes and ensures that he has achieved a success by killing him.

I’ve never seen anything like this in other games. They don’t give anything for free.

Does everyone have to go live on twitch to get everything for free?

I wonder when justice will come to this game. (of course never.)

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so they can show off gear and create hype , causing more players to spend coin on that gear


Because it’s not free, instead of paying for advertising they give them some digital junk they can’t sell instead of money.

It’s more of a scam on the YouTuber, “What you want to make money on YouTube? How about instead I give you worthless digital trash?”

But it can be a win for the YouTuber if they can get people to watch their video… but this is Crossout, no one is watching or at least not enough.


They make more effort than others. They record, edit and upload videos. I mean, it depends on what value you place on that. Do not discount other people’s work that you are not yourself also doing. There is effort.

I take it you think some youtuber cheesed you on a free account? Get over it. It is one of the ways XO can get new players in. I am all for more players over a few demonstration games.

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dude you dont need fire weapons or incinerators with burns like that :rofl:

theres a few reasons.
1: to show off products
2: to showcase the builds
3: to get people to buy it.
4: now this is the most disgusting reason and one EA and Activision would do. they pit these players against you so that they kill you and your “enticed” to buy the pack. basically its “you got killed by this guy using this pack? well you should buy it to so you can be overpowered like him!”. i dont think they are this greedy or desperate like activision and EA though so i wouldnt lump them in with the problematic crowed.

basically its “purposefully pit pay to win players against free players so they can get killed enough times to get mad and buy the pack to get us money” in call of duty its the same online. they purposfully put pay to win players against free players to get constantly killed by the same weapon, then itll say “they killed you with this weapon, want to buy it to die less?” and when you buy it they pit you against players who are free players to do the same to them. rinse and repeat and thats how they make their money.

im not saying gaijin is like this though, in fact i do not think they would go to those lengths. it might seem like it but really its not. if you keep playing youll be able to afford all the items the premium player has and form your own cars and raid builds. itll take a long time but keep playing events and youll get there in no time. the dronepocalypse was amazing and if you play it enough you can max out your scrap cap for the week easily. i did that 4 times. (i honestly dont know why we still have a scrap cap). scrap doesnt go for much since its a common resource but the money will add up overtime and if your a pvp player wires and batteries go for quite a bit to. especially wires. so just save up and sell them and buy what you want :smiley:


Crossout no goood games

So that more people can be fooled to play the game with all these fun toys and parts and whoops you can’t have them :slight_smile: pay up you piggy you want this gun the youtuber has lots of fun with? :slight_smile: Fell f*** you grind for multiple months or possibly years or open up that wallet :slight_smile:

Whatever the reasons, which are pretty well enumerated already, I largely ignore these guys’ comments on the game. They don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. I don’t mean that maliciously. They don’t though. How can a dude sporting more inventory items in his weapons tab than I am even allowed to have IN TOTAL have a clue how the game is played? How is a dude who has multiple copies of fully fused relics in any way tell me if a relic is worth the grind? Watch when they build… look at what’s in their storages… multiple copies of different fusions of every single relic in the game. :joy: Asshattery at its finest.

For the bigger guys like Jbrider, he’s doing pretty well for himself.
My now deprecated YouTube channel has about as many subscribers as he does, but with much lower views per video. For a while, I was making enough to bump us into another tax bracket…

So, it’s not enough to make it a career just off of XO vids, but if he’s spreading out his content creation among multiple successful channels, he’s doing okay. This is especially true if they’re not in a “1st world country.” In Russia, for example, YouTube money would go very far (at least it would before the “special military operation”).

You sure spend a lot of time on this forum for a guy who supposedly hates this game.
My theory is you suck at it, so you come here to cry.

Yeah, they started passing a lot of tax laws on Youtubers (social content creators) in Russia and other content restrictions.

I have played with a few youtubers. Most of them make demonstration videos with their demo accnts, but play daily on a regular account. I mean, some people get a sense of accomplishment by actually earning stuff.
And of course, some don’t.

Besides running around with normal accounts full of upgraded stuff is common in all games that are 8 years old… people have had time to accumulate a lot of junk.

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im scared to fuse my relics if im to be honest here.
the main reason isnt the perks they give but the extreme cost of the relic itself. i mean 40k for a relic is not cheap and takes a VERY long time to actually get. if i sold off my guns that arent fused with all of my resources i MIGHT be able to afford 2 relics. but the concept of fusing such high costing items is a turn off to me.
i seen people with fused porcs which spent countless months in clan battles getting uranium for it. i havent been in clans in a very long time and most likely wont join them again. i got relics but i mostly use them in raids… though my typhoons are collecting several layers of dust. i cant remember the last time i used them. i dont want to sell them because i love the look of them but eh.

people who have those must spend far to much time in clan battles maxing out their uranium per week. its the only thing i can think of thats a good explanation to have multiple relics fused. even so though ill never fuse mine.

oh i got a ton of junk. 100k copper stack, a ton of weapons, modules, etc. trying to expand my wheel collection slowly to. im going to become the crazy cat lady but instead of cats i have tons of build parts and weapons and instead of a lady im a guy. i think id fit right in with lunatics at that point! :crazy_face:

it isn’t free. they have to work and create content and release it on a schedule. So, it’s payment or, better yet, Trade for Trade.

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