Why are all the good additions temporary

Like the title says, why are all the good additions like the ability to unfuzed alllll tbe unwanted battle pass parts temporary, but the absolutely obnoxious dead vehicles on the battle field are a permanent unwanted addition?
This 2.hell no update was completely unwanted by most but yet you refuse to admit you messed up the game bad!
Yet all the temporary additions that most, if not all love, you remove them?
Do you hate the players or are you purposely making the game bad in hopes to get money from the players? Ya that’s definitely it huh?
Why are good things temporary, and bad things permanent?

The unfuse event should be periodically done. Leaving it around permanently would permanently ruin prices on certain weapons. A wave of supply and demand that ebbs and flows is a great money making opportunity.

Did you not buy a bunch of avalanches, stillwinds and waltzes? I did and the 10k coins I’ve made are great. Can’t wait to do it again next year :relaxed:

I don’t agree with on this. With the way they currently limit production of some weapons eventually the production of those weapons would run out causing the price to shift sharply regardless of if you could always de-upgrade or not. The reason being is that the upgrade process in itself is what removes items from the game. The effects of de-upgrading doesn’t regain that loss so it would only slightly retard the timing of the price shift and it wouldn’t be as sudden as if it were done say once a year.

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