Why are all the prices in the shop

…suddenly listed in Euros? I’m in the U.S. They were always listed in dollars before today’s update. ???

on PC all i see is USD…check language setting maybe?

Xbox says no update for me.
It doesn’t exist.

I only have Polar event in game.

I’m on PC (English), and all my prices are in EUR too.

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am i looking at the same thing you are?

screen shot it plz…

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We have some time to wait.

Our update is not until 12:00 GMT - I think that is still some hours away? No?

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according to this its 5 more hours.

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Is this a new post?

On reddit, yes.
Also, some people are complaining that their price menu now displays values in Canadian cash.

This game’s a dumpster fire.


Ok, finally it is showing the prices in US dollars…but now, nothing is on sale except the 4 Horsemen pack. Eh…

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Maybe they’re trying to make it so different regions/countries currency will automatically appear in the shop and Targem/Gaijin just doing what they typically do when doing updates, mess something else up

No clue why that is funny unless you’re laughing at the Doc for calling it that?!

Maybe it has something to do with the server you are connecting to. Mine updated early in the morning and everything looks good. USA and English on pc.

We’ve reported about this problem. So we’re waiting for the resolving


I have just check the Xbox account. The shop show £ for me in UK.