Why are Astraeus' getting nerfed?

Nobody uses these guns consistently, certainly not at 9k, why are they getting their velocity nerfed? This nerf is totally pointless for a weapon that is already so difficult to build with and use. If you just have to nerf my velocity, give me turn speed and/or durability so my niche is not getting nerfed for no apparent reason.

is the nerf active on the test server? maybe it has something to do with the new piercing coefficient

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It wasn’t noticeable on the test server. I did a couple pvp rounds with my set.

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20% is going to be hugely noticeable when Im shooting people across map. & its a totally uncalled for nerf.

I played them at 12k on hovers-Kami-Aegis with a scope. If I thought it negatively impacted them I’d have said something as I already dislike the self damage aspect.

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Why nerf them opposed to anything else thats universally meta? Why do they have to nerf non meta niche items w/o giving them a buff when there are so many more broken and abused parts?

There’s the possibility shell velocity could be used to calculate impact dmg depending on how they calculate it. So it might just be there to adjust the damage.

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Thats always possible, maybe they left that out and had to nerf their velocity. If true I accept that. If not I want a turn speed or dura buff. These guns fall off with a sneeze cause they cannot use oma.

I have a feeling there’s a number of things they didn’t mention. I say this because of the number of weapons they handed out to test and what they did write doesn’t cover all of those. Most of the changes felt pretty good and some of the funky things that happened in the last test were fixed.

I didn’t check to see if it was one of the ones that got the dura buff they mentioned. If I manage to get back on I’ll check.

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Even more reason to hope we can unfuse items again with stabilizers so I can get rid of these things and Varuns

Just checked and it wasn’t one that got a dur buff by default.