Why are missions, brawls, raids challenges still behind clan wall

The clan modes are clan confrontation and clan wars. What’s the point of denying other challenges that are not part of clan stuff? Put your confrontation and wars challenges in the clan challenges section, keep the mission/brawl/raid stuff as individual. I’m committed through the battle pass because I bought it, so fix this before it ends.


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Rephase: What’s the point of making it take 2x number games to earn 1/3 the badges per week if not to say, we don’t want you to play our game anymore?

I think you had it right the first time, perhaps. Kidding…somewhat.

“Join a clan and just play the game.” That’s the only answer Mr. G (popular game streamer with a promo account) was given when he asked the developers directly. That and some snotty remark about how we players can’t read the patch notes. I didn’t think it was very flattering, but whatever.

I suppose the theory some have suggested about them trying to coerce more players from their free to play model into their pay to play demographic makes some logical sense. It does seem to be the effect, doesn’t it?

I don’t now what other possible reason their could be. It’s a falure in popularity, but it might succeed to some degree in satisfying their desire for a higher and more aggressively pay 2 play(win?) population.

I think that is the end result, so it seems logical to assume that was their intention. Otherwise it’s a failure of an attempt to bring content desirable to their consumers, isn’t it? I mean, not very many people seem to like it, and they certainly aren’t interested in removing the feature. That isn’t going to happen.

“Just join a clan, and play the game,” alright?

I wish there was a better answer…Oh wait. Now I remember: “Great update! Thanks, Devs.” Just keep repeating that mantra, and remember to take your pills…the little blue ones, of course.

I’m not sure how forcing people into clans makes them paying customers. I spend 200$ last year, had BPass this year and was about to buy the new wheels pack before this happened.

If they succeed and you join a clan, you get more badges/week and less likely to spend money. If you don’t join a clan, you’ll likely feel insulted and some will certainly quit, resulting in less money.

Where does earning more money come in?

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I suppose they are counting on the pay to win nature of clan wars to inspire a little reckless spending in order to be competitive in that world.

I think it’s dumb too, but I think it is their logic and reasoning.

It’s driven me away from the game considerably (I barely play it now), and you’re right, I don’t feel inspired to spend money on a game I find less interesting and more inaccessible. Those kids that do go along with the new order of things will probably need to fork out some cash to keep up though, and I think that’s the plan.

You’re right. It’s a stupid plan. I wish it’d never come to this, but what can you do?

It’ll have to be real reckless, I played this game on and off for 2 years and spent 200+ $, but I can’t afford 1 relic and afaik I need a full relic build to be competitive in clan wars. I have actually spent more than 1000$ in another game (star citizen) but I don’t think I will be spending that for 1 car in crossout.


I’ve seen that video too, doesn’t surprise me that the devs would tell the player base of there game to go fly a kite in a thunder storm

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