Why are people on this forum SO ABUSIVE?

Its ok not to agree with somebody but i have notice lately that if people dont agree they spam that people are idiots or just plain abuse them.

I come here for new thoughts on the game that i put a lot of time into and enjoy. People should react to posts like the person they are rude to is standing in front on them with a wasteland baseball bat - with a BIG rusty nail in it and then maybe it would be a better place to comment.

And for the people who will say ih ave delicate feelings, it is not true. I believe in talking to people with respect which maybe old fashioned but it was a better way to put thoughts into the world.


Not everyone. A few do. But with such a small forum population, they stand out like bird sh!t on a black roof.
There are people who vent their frustrations on any forum, any game. But small forums like this one let them stink up the place easy. And bigger forums of some serious games usually have mods that deal with them at the spot.


The ratio has changed. In 2017 and 2018, the forum was very popular, with some updates getting more than a dozen of pages of comments (25 per page). Then interest in the forum started to drop, perhaps because of some regular posters quitting or becoming increasingly disillusioned with the game, and in 2021 there was barely any of it showing. At the same time, serious players were being replaced by more casual ones, and that seemed to accompany the turn to a more negligent development trend for Crossout (e.g., removing voice chat, removing the Ship Graveyard, the Fortress and the Old Town for over a year for no serious reason, the introduction of the crosscrown). The Pewdiepie promo in late 2019 caused a wave of new arrivals, and the release of the first season in early 2020 made that a cyclical process. The Battle Pass mechanic has allowed players to rapidly advance into high-PS battles with premium gear, which may have made those caring less for a serious attitude to gameplay and, in some cases, good manners, feel at home. In 2021, I noticed the phenomenon I call the ‘squeaker’ to emerge. They pontificate about the game despite having just started playing, attack others for imagined reasons, and generally seem not to care about the game - perhaps because spending USD 10 has granted them quick access to otherwise very expensive gear. Also, on this new forum, there is no separate section for console players. Once I saw a screenshot of the general chat from one of the console Crossout versions and it was a deluge of negativity. When I try looking up a forum troll’s profile in the game and don’t find it, there seems to be a correlation.

I don’t expect the situation to improve, as the developers have been adjusting the game to be more oriented toward new players for nearly a year now - and I’m purposely avoiding the phrase “new player-friendly.” When they started releasing these new temporary brawls in Q3 2021 to give them a sense of achievement and thus keep them logging in in hopes of inducing them to spend money, it was clear they were turning a new sheet, but this one is single-ply. (And ending Operation Ashen Ring 3 days 18 hours early, or Santa’s Secrets a whole 14 days early showed us how much integrity has left in the management group.) The quote from the preliminary news post about the new co-drivers could suggests the develoepers anticipate a permanently high player turnover rate:

"Why do we make these changes?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the updated co-drivers will have a stronger impact on the gameplay and the effectiveness of your armoured vehicles. Sometimes the right co-driver will determine your performance in battle. Such changes inevitably affect the in-game balance.

At this stage of learning, the new co-drivers system can greatly affect the balance in battles. Those players who are close to reaching max level and have unlocked one or more co-drivers may have too much advantage over those who are at earlier stages of the game and cannot unlock a co-driver yet."

Does this mean unlocking co-drivers will progress faster? With a greatly increased player turnover rate, long grind to that end would have become obsolete, or even counterproductive to player retention. Which would suggest the change will accommodate less patient players.

The default news post comment links now redirecting to reddit (English) and VKontakte (Russian) are a clear sign that it was more important to use players for free advertising on social media than maintain meaningful communication. That step showed a drastically dismissive attitude toward the playerbase, and it certainly didn’t help with maintaining high standards of forum discourse.


If a post has a personal attack, then flag it.

If they are just being rude, then welcome to the internet.

I wish I had a better reply, but it is what it is.


Right now they don’t have any active moderators. Not only that but a lot of members that where banned on the old forum are back and spewing their bile until they get some more active moderators and ban the ones who are toxic it will be a struggle.

As mentioned by monkey here just report and ignore as that is all we can do at the moment.

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Yeah, it is a sad state. But if they want us to self moderate then we have to take it into our own hands.

We basically are the Mod staff.

I got a reply by one of the forum mods that a certain troller got banned/sanction, no clue for how long though, but I won’t mention the name on a post
But yeah this new forum seems more toxic and troll dominated due to having not much people on it

hmmm… You’re in good part responsible of the state of the forum community with your hardcore trolling and abuse a year ago, I’m sure you realize it? Most decent posters quit back then. Some of those, you and/or others bullied out of here. Spede, Disco, Khaajit… I’m not going to go further, I don’t have any problem with you tbh and you’re not drowning this place under shitposts anymore, but you’re probably not in the best position to point fingers.
I’m not going to point fingers either because I realize I’m not in the best spot to do it. I’d gladly go back to posting number-crunching shit, but this community doesn’t give a fuck about facts/the game/learning anyway. Both the community and Targem have the forums they deserve, tbh. The borderline inexistent moderation here won’t contradict me.


Most open communities can be imagined like a bus in the morning.
Tightly packed with people silently staring at their phones, on the way to work minding their own business.
But because a bum on the backseat pooped his pants whole bus is stinking.
This comparison is mostly valid for humanity in general, but here you migh notice it early.
I suggest to deal with it consciously as part of mental training for real world B-holes.


New to internet or something? There is tons of abusive people on internet. And abusiveness in team and competitive games is rather common thing. Some games just generate this frustration. XO is definitely one of them. Being run over by lance nitwit or shotgun dog or melee guy… isn’t something bringing joy, especially when it happens over and over again. And you are stuck watching some other miserable soul failing battle, to get full reward for already messed up lost battle. Time after time.
There is also theories of how devs run games, manipulating your mood, trying to push you from joy to helpless disappointment back and forth to rush you into trying something different, hopefully pushing you to that point were you donate to get something that takes forever to get otherwise…
Plus lots of people have some mess in their lives.
Why do you think people would be more moderate on forum than in game? They are actually much moderate here more than what player in game are, mostly because of rules.
Plus the ignorance… people just roll in with most absurd and shallow ideas, thinking they know better than anyone how things should be…

That works when everyone actually maintains certain level of respect. You might choose to address someone inadequate with respect just to be the “smarter one”, but staying polite in community swarming with mad people - just doesn’t makes sense. Besides, people still see you past that mask as that annoying player playing something that annoyed them, or just some ignorant none not deserving respect. Plus, in games players are surrounded by people they have nothing to respect for but have bunch of frustration I described. Plus people build this tower of experience in the game, thinking if they have more skill/experience/whatever they have more authority, but none really respects that, nor should they. They are probably more competent to say something on some subject, but that about it. Yet they try to ram this as argument at any chance to get ?higher ground? People are competitive by nature, this is competition game, so a lot try to compete even here for… something. Happens on most forums actually.
So the internet itself just allows people to be more openly jerks, and competitive game itself I think provokes. One wins - other loses.
The forum though has some few more other things running in this equation
Just my thoughts on the matter. I’m just that guy, on one hand knows it’s good to treat people good and stuff, enjoys things all good people do, trying not to be jerk. And on other hand still drown into that toxic pit, ending up somewhere in between or somewhere.
And one last thing - something I admit been doing, and still do with less abuse, and bunch of other guys do, probably without being aware is… lets call it “chat avenge”. So some guy ruins your mood, not by just outplaying you but just some dull move that just works, often because of game’s imperfection(like having f***ing lances, with radars and invis) so you just have that one option to say something that would ruin something for him. And there is different ways without even using any bad language, like accusing of cheating, p2win moneybag, or even playing same build for too long :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
So that almost kind of grows that habit of disrespecting players and people. And internet in general have bunch of places and things working same way.
So ye, lots of text but you asked for it. It’s also kind of dive for me into trying to understand how things are because I constantly find myself in between in life, being neither too smart nor stupid, both good and bad etc, in this question also.

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i give up !
is it the shove ur nose in poop when u pooped on the carpet? bad dog.
or ,sit, give me paw ‘good boy’ wanna go for a ride

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internet dog

Joking aside, there’s lots of kids and teens that have yet to learn how to respectfully express their thoughts and, as such, they’ll tend to act like a wild dog or a pack of wild dogs.


that’s not ‘entirely true’…

mostly true of “Not ‘entirely ture’…” is still pretty true. lololol


lol,it is…i was just ‘including myself’ being disrespectful…but i earned it! :hugs:

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lol…something like that… I had so many names called by a group of xbox players. On the topic of how real the crossout coins are, and the real costing of them.

Funny I found that from WOT.
The lie started from the UK dictator himself on me because I was kicked and banned from the auto banning system they had. NOT because I was cheating but was targeted by a trolling player. I had the video on what went on and I was a paying customer at that time. A player on the forum asked if they offer compensation because I was banned by the game which was the game issue. The UK dictator step in and start to say in the past experienced( he didn’t say it was me, but made other think I did break the game rules in the past). Anyway, he didn’t like the way I have pointed out that their game favorite on cheating players, which was at that time. There was mass amount of prizes included cash as it was class as a e-sport game.

The old forum from there set some very bad examples to people on the internet and the worse was I can clearly see some very young kids on there. The difficulty would be running a system that all countries can work together so that posters have to take responsibility on what they say. ie, if I say something in UK and it cause an issue, I was have to be responsible for them within UK. Or I can say things that I can be arrested in Hong Kong, when it is totally fine in UK.

Same as real life. We can all act abusive at some point, but we should think about doing it from where and when.

The small number of more friendly forum, I am up for it. I do NOT want to read 30 pages of messages on how bad a person think of others and the game. If they don’t like it …quit!!

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See No Problem :sunglasses: