Why are so many players not running any co-driver?

I think otherwise… Because when we look at enemy plates at the start of the match, we can’t see builds… It’s supposed to be the enemy you don’t know. We can’t really tell who’s inside their cabin as a co-driver.
I like that factor.


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Co-drivers ? Hell i didn’t know i could run more than 1 radiator for almost 2 years…

people not use newcoodriver because them are more useless the old coodriver. if you use or not use them your game don’t change, you not notice any difference. 1% of bonus is nothing, active perk is stupid perk and don’t change your possibility to win.

Someone failed at reading the perks lol. No way Falcon or Grizzly are “more useless the old codrivers”

Anyway, in my case, I didn’t manage to give two *****about this dying game since the co-drivers update, so everytime I DL one of my builds from the exhib, I forget I don’t have a co-driver saved, and just play 30 mins without. Then I log off for the week without noticing either, because **** this game, I’m done with it (^%

When’s the last time we had balance changes anyway? 3 months ago? yeah, see you in 3 more months, for the next premium update of the game. They’ll probably sell us co-drivers in the next BP or some **** like that :partying_face: :clown_face:

What don’t like in the game?
And last balance was a bit more than month ago [PC] Crossout 0.13.90. Championnat d'acier - Actualités - Crossout

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@41358411 Without even talking about balance and other gameplay elements… The fact that there are hundreds of people going around with a 10k+ bill in this game, and we’re playing on third world servers that crash 5 times/CW session? the fact it’s in beta since 7 years yet doesn’t shy from releasing 2 BPs at the same time? The fact BPs are filled with recycled items? The fact the last f2p update was like, 2 years ago? The fact we have more BPs than actual balance patches at this point? The fact devs might as well not exist, for I never saw em in 3+ years, besides poor Skula who was cool, but maybe had no business handling the bug reports section of the english forum, because he clearly doesn’t speak english (hope you’re fine if you read this, Skula)? The fact the closest thing to a staff we have are unpaid mods who are also in clans and play CW? The fact we have multiple threads about banned people who are waiting since 10+ days for Targem to hire someone to look at their cases?

I don’t dislike the game, and I’d gladly love it. But predatory monetization models that are invading online videogames are a big no. With the amount of people I hear spent 4 digits sums into this unfinished, unupdated game that revolves around a 5m gameplay loop that hasn’t changed since 6 years, and the gambly fusion crap and exhorbitant relic prices, it’s pretty safe to say in 5-10 years this game will be illegal. Countries all around the world are starting to realize that they need to vote laws against these practices, because they have a name and that name is “scam”. This game obviously runs on 2 part-time workers since years, and I don’t think that kind of “efforts” should be rewarded with people throwing enough money at devs to feed third world villages for decades.
“but they’re ready to pay for it” Yeah, and we still jail snakeoil salesmen, precisely because some people are fragile enough to be willing to throw all their money for a snakeoil bottle.
I came from LoL, and while there isn’t a single gameplay element I miss from League of Legends, I definitely miss the decent monetization system that allows for a fair competition and doesn’t try to milk fragile, irresponsible folks from their hard-earned money at every turn.

I appreciate that you asked tho. I definitely feel monetization in videogames needs to be talked about by gamers, otherwise in 2 years every game will be Diablo Immortal, and I’d hate to see an industry I loved so much turn into that.
Anyway, back to playing and making DOOM II mods. Back when the videogame industry wasn’t that massive thing ran by technocrats who only play the market, not videogames.

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i have readed and understand all perk and new coodriver is uselee, with old coodriver, i have 3 type of weapon that become little bit more usefull, with this new useless coodrive i not have any difference, only little bit grizly for 50 kilos of mass extra (or little bit more becouse this perk is bad realizeed and 99% useless)

if you guive a bonus of 2% you haven’t gived nothing if i do 50damage with one bullet or i do 50,5 don’t change nothing
100 or 101 don’t cange nothing.

some active perk is realy unusable.
they have do a new coodriver and 50% of weapon don’t have any benefit from them.

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good think i’m drunk and can understand everyword you said :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl:

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I feel like you haven’t experimented with the codrivers much.
Ignoring the active perks, the movement perks alone are much more useful than the old codrivers. Phobos, Falcon, and Grizzly can all make a huge difference to the handling and performance of some cars.
And when you factor in the active perks (which are all much more powerful than the 2% buff you keep mentioning), you’d be a fool not to use one.
It’s clear you didn’t bother experimenting with them, and just decided to throw a tantrum about the old ones getting scrapped.
There are literally no weapons that can’t be boosted by one of the new codrivers.

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