Why are so many players not running any co-driver?

I’ve been noticing that a surprising amount of players have no co-driver listed next to their name when the match is loading up.
What gives? I would think anyone who is above level 30 should have at least one co-driver unlocked, so why aren’t they using it?

I forget

If you don’t care about the activated perks, why not just equip Phobos for all your builds so you can enjoy full top speed again?

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Because people either don’t know or forget to save the co-driver to each of their builds, and if you don’t and switch to another build it deactivates the co-driver and if the build you’re switching to doesn’t have a co-driver saved to it and you don’t activate one, you go into battle without a co-driver


No clue how someone asking someone a question equates to trolling, that’s next level okay there buddeh lol

That’s a question and not someone trolling lol

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I noticed that on the PC too there’s lot of players not using them. Was kind of surprised by the amount.

Here’s a match from today.


Are they just not aware of the change? I guess maybe there should have been a tutorial or something? I’m assuming most players aren’t checking the forum or Reddit, so maybe people just haven’t noticed that their old co-drivers are gone?
Or maybe a lot of people never invested in levelling up the old ones, so didn’t have the intel to unlock any?

I don’t think more then 25 people wrote reviews for the test server. More people talked about the announcement of the test server for them then actually filled out the review. It could be that most people didn’t bother leveling up the old ones but they were pretty auto exp’d and they probably would have had at least master jack. It could also be that people are waiting for changes to get posted too.

It’s hard to say if they are not aware but I’d think they’d have to be pretty blind not to notice.

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Maybe they think it impacts matchmaking? Like they saw my thread and thought it was real? Or maybe it’s a display glitch, and they actually do have co-drivers activated and it’s just not showing up?

The Bots need co-drivers!


Some reason people didn’t use them before hand.

Keep in mind a large chunk of players didn’t use co-drivers before the update. now at least half of them are using at least one.

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On that screenshot, only ONE player is not using a codriver… Bots don’t, ofc, but you actually can’t see the enemy co drivers.
Anyway, some really don’t know about them, somehow… Some didn’t save them and don’t realize, somehow…
Some codrivers have drawbacks, which are bad, like Billie… But there is always Grizzly. He rocks. So no point in not using him at least.

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Look again, and look at the opposing team: only two of the eight humans have co-drivers active.
That’s why I’m wondering if there is a display glitch.

Edit: I just reread your post, and are you sure it doesn’t normally display the enemy codrivers? I was sure it did usually, but I could be confused!

I think you’ve probably hit on the answer: the old codrivers were pretty useless unless you were willing to use a lot of resources to unlock the maximum on a couple. Most players probably never bothered before, so haven’t started using the new ones either.

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The old ones were useful though just cost way too much.

I am pretty sure it doesn’t show enemy codrivers… I don’t think I ever seen one on any enemy so far. I always look at enemy portrait and PS before the match.

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They do show and they even indicate when the perk is active.

I played a few matches this morning, and none were displayed on the enemy team. Most of my teams were running them, with a few exceptions.
I kind of think it would be cool to see enemy co-drivers, so that you’d get a bit of warning when facing an all close range combat team.


Id did show on the first day of the “big chase” update, but a few days in, they relseased an small update alongside chase’s reward change which makes so you can’t see the enemy co-drivers


Thank you! I was beginning to doubt my sanity!