Why are the servers so bad?

Perhaps it’s due to taking a break to play other things but damn the server lag in Crossout is soooooo bad it makes playing unbearable, to the point where I just shut it off and am about to play some Rocket League instead.

When I drive in my garage it’s perfect… when I play on my own servers it’s very close to perfect but when I play on a 100ping server from NA when I’m in EU it feels like it’s an unstable 200ping instead.

Using a fast non cam steering build probably makes it more noticeable too but I wonder if other people have issues when playing on a server that’s around 100ping? It’s like the servers can’t handle the slightest of issues/ping… countdown timer issues and such happen sometimes for seemingly no reason.

I’m also tired of people who don’t know how the internet works, my connection is fine and I have no issues in other games on PC and Xbox even when playing on 100ping servers, I’m literally about to play Rocket League on an American 120ping server and I’ll have no issues.


They wont help you or acknowledge this they just turn a blind eye this company only cares about cash


i was in a christmas event match and holy crap that lag. it was so bad i couldnt hit enemies and was getting killed out of nowhere. even on some maps the lag just amps up 10 fold. it needs to be fixed :unamused:


They have always been bad your just seeing the cracks on the surface this pve event has been unplayable every single time at wave 2 it starts lagging when the ai spawns the only game mode i have barely any problems is patrol i really regret getting a season pass and if i refund they will lock my whole account

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It’s always been laggy but sometimes it just really gets to me, after taking a break and coming back it’s like jesus christ how bad is this game