Why are we only allowed to fuse the new BP items with only lighters?

It’s incredibly predatory, if u want to fuse a lot of the new items on the guaranteed bp fuse you gotta go deeep in the pockets, This really has to change, we must have the ability to fuse things the old way too aka craft 2 items and voila.


Or look at it as a great thing. I mean they give you enough lighters to get a fused legendary. Thats pretty great. This bp is a full 3 months long. People will reach max level after the first month. So that means i can get multiple fused legendaries with lighters. I can turn that one lonely 4 energy machinegun and make it at least a set of three fused. But machineguns are very mih to me soo…

I actually like this lighter system a lot. I just have to get the base bp to unlock most of them. You even get 170 lighters if you never unlock the bp. Thats enough for a teal part and a blue part on the crafting list.


Its total bs that we are so limited in the quantity of stuff we can fuse without dropping the big cash we should absolutely be able to fuse the normal way + lighters

February, March, April, May, June is four months and change

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We absolutely need a better lighter source. More Lighters dont be cheap with them.