Why can guns destroy the corpses but passive melee will not?

Every weapon can take out these god dang corpses but ramming them! This is the stupidest thing ever in Crossout!
I can ram an enemy and damage them, but a corpse takes no damage!
Get these fragging corpses out of my way!

Melee is OP enough, why make it more OP??

Passive melee are structure parts. Even your Cabin or Frames can be passive melee if you ram someone with them. Corpses are dead vehicles that have no HP. Why can’t they be broken by ramming?
Like I said. I can ram an enemy and the enemy takes damage, so should the corpses!

i dont like the corpses in general, alot more times then not they get in the way and i always end up wedged on top of them until they vanish. this is extremely common in raids. it irritates me because im stuck on an f**king cabin wedged so that im off the ground and cant move meanwhile my team mates are over there getting kills and not helping me out of it so i have to wait till the damn thing disappears… often times the corpses act like they weigh as much as mount Everest and make me come to a complete stop or slow me down alot.


In Missions it is even worse because they will not disappear until you kill everything, but the Cabin and you cannot destroy the Cabin. The Cabin is eternal if you do not knock off every frame, structure part, weapon or electronic. Obviously if you take the frames then there will be no movement parts.

i mean… i can understand why (because of cabins that take advantage of that) but… if it starts to get in the way of gameplay then they need to do something about it. if people are getting wedged on corpses then yeah thats very unfair, it would be like the skinner situation from before where they could pretty much lock you out of doing anything and the enemy could just pick you apart while you were helpless. i mean it adds a sense of realism to the game yeah but… at what cost?

Realistically, you could ram a junk car and cause damage to it. Thus you agree that the corpses should take ram damage?

or a corpse could land on you and act like it weighs 100 tons. you can even ram it and its like hitting a brick wall. but they should take any form of damage no matter what it is. hell even my incinerators damage them!

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